Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Not Raptured Yet!

Check it out! Nibiru is so gigantic that it's impossible to detect!

With all the ritual stuff going on last week and this weekend, I totally forgot to post this on Sunday. June 24th has passed, and still no Rapture! To be fair, the whole Rapture idea is Millerism from the early 1800's so even if the world does end, it probably won't happen. But the point is that the world didn't end. Again. I keep making fun of these would-be prophets, but they keep coming out of the woodwork.

This latest one was yet another version of the Nibiru nonsense, in which a completely undetectable extra planet in our solar system is supposed to appear without warning and collide with the Earth, or pass by the Earth and mess stuff up, or something like that. Seeing as no astronomer has ever found such a planet, one might think that means this whole set of conspiracy theories should be moot. But it's undetectable, see? Just like the invisible giant spider hiding out in your spare bedroom. Watch out!

Time is getting short for the Christian literalists. The last sign that had never happened since Biblical times was fulfilled after World War II, the founding of an official state of Israel. That happened in 1947. What the Bible tells us is that the generation that sees all the signs fulfilled will not pass away, but will see the end of the world before they die. There was speculation that the end of the world would come seventy years after the last sign (the founding of Israel), but that would have been in 2017.

Literalism has to break eventually. Once nobody born in 1947 is alive and the world is still here, that will constitute a hard break from the text. I have no illusions that will cause folks to abandon their beliefs - after all, in a lot of cases people keep following these failed prophets even though I have no idea why. Way too many people double down on their beliefs when faced with contradictory evidence, which to me is really, really weird. But it's been documented experimentally over and over again. I guess I just don't understand regular people and how they think.

Of course, it the Thelemic take on the apocalypse is true, my religion predicts that a physical rapture/cataclysm that ends the world in preparation for the return of Jesus is never going to happen. And let me add that so far, these so-called prophets have been wrong and we Thelemites have been right.

But at any rate, go ahead and celebrate surviving this imaginary disaster. One more apocalypse down, and who knows how many more to go. Probably a lot.

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