Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Christian Ouija Board

You know how fundamentalist Christians hate Ouija boards? How they're supposed to summon demons and get people possessed and all that nonsense? Well, it turns out it's not entirely true. Yes, Christians really are using a device called "The Angels Talk Message Board" to communicate with angels, and it's the same exact thing as a Ouija board. Oh, except that it has an airbrushy picture of an angel, as shown above.

A week ago, we reported that charismatics are using “Christian tarot cards.” Christalignment, a ‘ministry’ run by Jen Hodge, had put together a “destiny card” schtick to help “reach people” in the New Age movement. You can read about that here, but they have since pulled down their videos. We also reported Hodge’s association with Bethel Church, which at first repudiated the tarot card ministry but upon finding out that Bethel members were involved with it, then deleted their rebuke and affirmed the practice.

Steve Kozar at Pirate Christian Radio posted a satire piece about “The Bethel Board,” a Ouija Board-type device by which charismatics can summon the demonic. While Kozar’s piece was satire, it appears that truth is stranger than fiction. Charismatics actually are using ‘Christian Ouija Boards,’ but not just as an evangelism technique. They are using them to communicate with ‘angels.’ Called “The Angels Talk: The Message Board that Connects You to Your Angels,” the device is used to communicate with spirits.

Note that this is NOT a satirical article. This thing really exists - you can buy it here from Amazon. And as you can see from the listing, it's been around since 1997!

This is yet another thing that I have absolutely no problem with aside from it highlighting the hypocrisy of fundamentalists. Ouija boards can be used to communicate with angels, no problem. They work for all kinds of spirits. Problem with them generally come from using them in an undisciplined fashion - calling out to any spirit that might happen to notice you instead of performing a magical operation to target the spirit you want. You will notice, though, that nothing of the sort can be seen here - no names of power, or sigils, or anything that might do something to tune this board to the angelic realm. So it's just a regular Ouija board that happens to have a picture of an angel on it.

So it's hypocritical to claim that other Ouija boards are dangerous but this one isn't. I happen to think that, in fact, neither are particularly dangerous and both can be used as effective spirit communication devices. Their effectiveness depends not on the board, but on the natural psychic ability of the user or users. And sticking an angel picture on the thing is not going to change anything.

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Moonfiery's Collections said...

We used to have an angel board that was similar, didn't buy it, just was given to sister in law by a friend who worked at the factory that made board games. It worked exactly the same as an ouija board, we just made sure to tell goodbye at end to take all precautions. I personally don't use ouija in my divination practices but for those who do, take all precautionary measures regardless of what the board looks like.