Friday, February 8, 2019

High-Level Witchcraft Attack

An astute Facebook commenter pointed out that the group of witches supporting Vladimir Putin that I wrote about yesterday bills itself as "The Empire of the Most Powerful Witches." They're not just AN Empire of Witches, people, they're THE Empire of the Most Powerful Witches. There's no evidence that they had anything to do with today's story, but these days you never know. If they're the most powerful witches, presumably that means they're "high-level."

Which brings us to today's article. "Firefighter Prophet" Mark Taylor has been mentioned a number of times here. Taylor has made one successful prophecy - that Donald Trump would win the presidency - and whole mess of false ones, or at least ones that seem to have no bearing in reality and which have never come to pass. During a recent talk radio appearance, Taylor claimed that a medical emergency affecting a judge serving at Guantanamo Bay was the result of a "high-level witchcraft attack."

During his recent appearance on Chris McDonald’s “The MC Files” program, so-called “firefighter prophet” Mark Taylor claimed that a recent medical emergency suffered by a judge serving at Guantanamo Bay was a “high-level witchcraft attack” aimed at disrupting President Trump’s plans to prosecute people like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton using military tribunals.

Of course, there's no evidence of anything like these "plans" happening outside of Taylor's "prophecies." I recently saw a right-wing meme being passed around stating "If you impeach Trump, we'll impeach Obama." Whut? It's not even remotely surprising to me that there are a lot of people out there who don't understand what the concept of impeachment means aside from it being "something bad," but still. You have to actually hold a political office to be impeached.

But anyway...

For years, Taylor has been predicting that Trump will soon unleash a wave of arrests in which thousands of high-ranking political, entertainment, and business leaders will be rounded up and prosecuted via military tribunals for their supposed involvement in a global satanic pedophile ring. As part of that belief, Taylor sees deep prophetic significance in the fact that a judge overseeing a trial involving five men accused of plotting the 9/11 attacks had to be flown back to America for emergency eye surgery last month.

“Here’s the prophetic of this part of the story, what the Lord is showing me,” Taylor said. “This is a very high-level attack coming against this judge. We’ve seen other attacks with other people, where they have had literal physical damage done to their bodies because of a high-level witchcraft attack, and that’s what this is. So what the enemy is trying to do right now is they’re trying to blind the eyesight, literally trying to blind the eyesight, of these judges right now.”

Personally, I see no reason to limit the potential suspects to enemies of Donald Trump or people looking to interrupt these imaginary plans of his. The Guantanamo Bay camp is hated by liberals and conservatives alike who worry about the Patriot Act and relate government encroachment on civil rights. I will neither confirm nor deny that I might have cast anti-Gitmo spells myself during the Bush and/or Obama administrations. The place is a hellhole specifically designed to evade the constitution and it shouldn't exist. Still, I would do something more substantial than just making a judge sick.

So far, Taylor has not gone into much detail about how high-level these witchcraft attacks are, but we can do a little analysis here to try and find out. Blindness is only a second-level spell, so you only have to be a third level magic-user to cast it. Cause Serious Wounds, though, is fourth-level, so you have to be at least a seventh-level cleric. And presumably this attack is serious, because otherwise why would Taylor be talking about it?

To be clear, those are just the minimum levels. Higher-level magic-users and clerics can cast low-level spells in addition to high-level ones. So it would be nice to see Taylor elaborate on what he's talking about. Are these attackers supposed to be name-level? More importantly, are they even playing Second Edition? I'm an old-school gamer, so I have to say I'm not really up on the latest version. What is it, Fifth Edition? The spell tables have most likely changed substantially since then.

At any rate, I also want to take a moment here and congratulate Mark Taylor. He now has his own tag here on Augoeides, just like Pat Robertson. Aside from their wacky beliefs, the two couldn't be more different. Robertson is a wealthy televangelist who has run for president. Taylor, as far as I can tell, is a guy with a YouTube channel who sometimes appears on Christian talk radio. But here they are, united in bringing the crazy.

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