Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Consequences of Yellow Journalism

You can try to make the case that yellow journalism is harmless. But the problem with histrionic articles is that they motivate people who are already on the edge. Sure, these people aren't exactly stable, and they probably would latch onto something extreme regardless of what's in the media, but still. Today's news is that another fire has hit Boleskine House, which the previous article I critiqued claimed in the headline was to reopen as a "sex magick retreat" - and then, the author admitted in the article itself that there was no evidence of any such thing.

Boleskine House along, overlooking Loch Ness, was badly damaged by a blaze in 2015 and the ruin was sold earlier this year. Crowley was said to have performed occultist rituals at the property when he lived there between 1899 and 1913. The B-listed Georgian building was later owned by musician Jimmy Page, of Led Zeppelin.

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service said the alarm was raised shortly before 16:00 and two appliances were sent to the property. Crews tackled separate blazes in Boleskine House and the neighbouring coach house. The Friends of Boleskine House later posted on Facebook that the coach house had been saved but what was left of the roof of Boleskine House had collapsed. The group said the fires were started deliberately.

So here's my question - does anybody in their right mind think that this fire wasn't started by somebody who read the tabloid article and completely freaked out? There are other possibilities, sure, but I'm pretty sure at this point that it's by far the most likely one. Just like the argument I made with Alex Jones, the fact of the matter is that speech that incites is inciting speech, full stop. I don't know exactly how free speech laws work in the UK, but arson is clearly a crime and it's hard to think there's no relationship between it and the article.

As the renovations go forward, the site clearly needs better security - especially if more exaggerated media nonsense about the place is on the way.

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Fuzzy Skinner said...

Yikes... Words certainly have power, but I guess as occultists we know that even better than most. Here's hoping the site's fortunes improve going forward.