Wednesday, July 10, 2019

It's a Curse!

One of the things about living life as a practical magician is completely forgetting how freaked out non-magicians can become when encountering anything out of the ordinary. This story from Australia is case in point. A woman digging in her garden found an ugly ceramic ball that looked like a bad high school pottery project. But her friends on social media were convinced the object was part of some sort of curse.

A graduate found a "terrifying cursed" object in her garden after moving into her new home. Pals believed Kerri Moran's house may be haunted after she shared pictures on Facebook of a massive ceramic ball with a small coffin. She claimed she "dug the treasure up" but social media users said it is a sign of a creepy curse.

"I recently bought an old house and dug this treasure up in the garden. I have no idea what it is but my daughter hates it and says it’s bad juju," the woman wrote on Facebook. "It’s huge and heavy." But Kerri, of Brisbane, Australia, investigated the find and contacted the house's previous owners. And she soon found the object wasn't as sinister as it first appeared.

"She said her son did pottery in high school a number of years ago and was forever bringing 'crap' home. She would put them in the garden where the earth claimed this piece," Kerri posted. "My yard smells like burnt sage, my house of vinegar. All precautions were taken. Anyway, I have contacted my home’s previous owner. Mystery solved."

Alan Moore once commented that art should be considered magick, but I really don't think this thing has anything to do with what he was talking about. Sometimes a bad high school pottery project is just a bad high school pottery project. It is far more remarkable to me that so many people were apparently convinced that this weird object was some sort of sinister spell.

Actual curses just aren't that common in real life and objects don't cause bad fortune just by looking strange. This is one example showing that people should really know more about magick and how it works so they won't jump to bizarre conclusions.

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