Friday, September 27, 2019

A Real Ghost?

The image above comes from a pretty impressive video that was made during a Facebook ghost hunt in Hull, UK. The image isn't nearly as good as the live video version, which you can watch at the link there. To my eye it shows a three-dimensional shadowy figure that doesn't look like it could be a trick of the light. So is it a real ghost?

Ghost hunters Lee Steer and Lindsay Sheeran held a live paranormal investigation on F acebook - and were stunned by the "spirit" they say they uncovered. The pair streamed it to their followers on their Ghosts of Britain group during a visit to Hull's derelict Lord lane building.

They got more than they bargained for and claim their specialist equipment recorded a spooky figure roaming the abandoned halls. Lee and Lindsay told the Hull Daily Mail that they had never been so scared by what they and other witnesses saw. "We live streamed our investigation to thousands and loads of people were commenting that they could see a shadow stood in the hallway in one of the rooms in the Lord Line building," Lee, 34, said.

"I was on the top floor of the building and felt like my legs were jellified. We do these kinds of investigations a lot but this one made me feel really uneasy. I felt scared, like I was sinking and it was a type of fear that's hard to explain - it just wasn't right."

As part of their visit, they asked the "spirits" to change the temperature by 5c. Upon their command, they say the room went very hot - then cold by 10c. "That's not something that we could have physically done," he added.

Looking at this like a skeptic, I would say this either has to be the real thing or a hoax. There isn't much room for ambiguity or misidentification. It wouldn't be that difficult to have someone stand there with a dark sheet over them and then step away from the camera in such a way that it looks like they disappeared. But if that isn't what happened, we could be looking at a real paranormal apparition or manifestation.

What the video most reminds me of is the figure captured on video by Ghost Hunters at Eastern State Penitentiary during the show's first season, but much closer to the camera. The Ghost Hunters apparition looked like a similar shadowy figure, but it comes into view further away and immediately runs off into the darkness. That one looked like it could only be a hoax or a real apparition too.

So is this a ghost? Maybe. It certainly is one of the best videos I've seen in awhile.

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