Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Arnemancy Podcast Interview

Back in August I recorded an interview with Erik Arneson for his Arnemancy podcast. The full interview is now available here. We spent some time discussing Enochian magick and my books, but much of the conversation drifted into models of consciousness and how they can play a role in better understanding ritual. We also covered some topics relation to my quantum information model of magick and some of the scientific work that needs to be done before we can properly test many of its predictions.

Even though we talked less about Enochian magick than I expected going into it, I think that John Dee as a scientific-minded occultist would have approved. Much of the material I discuss with regards to my magical model is covered in these posts outlining much of my thinking on the matter and why I consider my model the best - at least for my own work, and possibly for the work of others. The conversation jumped around a bit, but at the same time it covered a lot of material.

Erik is a good interviewer and I had a lot of fun recording this episode. Hopefully I'll have a chance to appear again in the near future. Have a listen, and enjoy!

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