Thursday, September 3, 2020

Against MKUltra Umbrellas

Lately the QAnon conspiracy has been getting more time in mainstream news outlets, so that means it's not weird or fringey enough for "prophet" and Christian talk show host Mark Taylor. Taylor, as I have previously noted, has made exactly one accurate prophecy in his entire life. He predicted that Donald Trump would be elected president in 2016. According to Nick Silver, Trump had a 1 in 3 chance of winning a week before the election, so it was at least a little unlikely that he would win at the time.

Since then, though, Taylor has made all sorts of ridiculous predictions and just doubled-down on them when they didn't come true. That's the opposite of being a prophet. That's being a false prophet. In addition to making nonsensical false prophecies, he also passes along every weird bit of conspiracy crap that he can get his hands on. Recently, he explained the existential threat posed by MKUltra umbrellas. Oh, and also Hillary Clinton and the Queen of England. This one's a real doozy.

Relying on the claims of an outlandish conspiracy theorist named Gina Phillips who has appeared several times on Chris McDonald’s program (where Taylor is a regular guest) to spread outrageous tales of “Satanic ritual abuse” and the like, Taylor uncorked a bizarre explanation for the nation’s current civil unrest.

“All these kids we are seeing in the streets, the MK Ultra, it only takes like an hour,” Taylor said. “They have it down to an art. They have it down to a science. They will fragment your mind into a 100 pieces, and each piece is separated with a disassociated wall of amnesia so they can program each piece. The programming is in you.”

“When you see Hillary [Clinton] or the Queen wearing purple, that’s end of the world programming,” he continued. “If they’re wearing green, it means this. If they put out something verbatim like on Twitter, it activates the code, so maybe assassination codes, so maybe other codes. … All these teachers are doing it in daycare, they’re doing elementary, junior high, high school. Churches are doing it.”

“Now with all these guys in the streets, this is why they can’t be reasoned with,” Taylor added. “You can’t reason with someone that’s been mind controlled. Do you notice the guys in the streets with the umbrellas? Those are their handlers. That activates the programming. What that does, the umbrella reminds them and activates the violence programming, saying that, ‘If you don’t get violent, we will activate the tormenting spirits that we have placed in you to torment you until you do.'”

I've reviewed the MKUltra project and as far as I can tell it's pretty clear that it didn't work as intended. Some folks online have argued with me about that, claiming it did work and the declassified documents about it are some sort of smokescreen. But let me tell you what I can say for sure - it absolutely doesn't work the way Taylor says it does.

The intent of MKUltra was to create a single alternate personality that the subject was unaware of. 100 of them is absolutely useless. Even if you buy what some therapists say about dissociative identity disorder - which is pretty controversial and also extremely rare - you can't just create new brain capacity out of thin air. "Alter" personalities all consume the brain's processing resources, so 100 of them would basically mean the subject's brain would work like a computer crippled with malware and unable to perform even day-to-day tasks.

Second, MKUltra relied on the administration of hallucinogenic drugs, particularly LSD in the early years and other substances such as BZ later on. Taylor doesn't even mention drugs, and with what he's proposing it sounds like he's not even aware of that part of the protocol. You can't get to what he's talking about with hypnosis or really anything else without the drugs, and even then the "personality-fragmentation" idea doesn't really work.

Third, MKUltra was not magick. It doesn't have anything to do with "tormenting spirits." The various paranormal research arms of the United States government worked with remote viewing and psychic abilities, but one thing it never worked with was spirits. Some individual psychics in the program did - for example, Guy Savelli described how he allegedly stopped the heart of a goat in Jon Ronson's Crazy Rulers of the World documentary and his account sounds like a magical operation calling on an angel. But the experiment was logged as "remote influencing" by psychic means. The angel doesn't even get a mention.

Anyway, the point is that the "Project Jedi" researchers in the 1980's weren't even willing to mention a spirit in an official account of an experiment in which one of their psychics basically weaponized one. Why does Taylor think the MKUltra researchers from the 60's and 70's would have anything to do with spirits? It's silly anyway. You don't need any MKUltra techniques to send a spirit after someone. You just link it to a talismanic anchor connected to the target and you can activate it even if you've never spoken to the person in question and even if you don't have an umbrella.

And what is it with the umbrellas? All I can think of is that Taylor must have a deep-seated hatred of the things and I have no idea why. Was he traumatized by one as a small child? His hatred of Hillary Clinton and the Queen (Elizabeth II, I assume) are bizarre but not all that unusual in fringe conservative circles. But umbrellas? As with Stella Immanuel's documented hatred of the Magic 8-Ball, I have to ask - what kind of monster hates umbrellas?

And maybe, just maybe, the weirdness is the entire point. After reading this I'm left wondering if Taylor put it out precisely because it's so dumb that it would attract criticism from bloggers like me and get him more buzz. If so, well played. But if he really believes this stuff? I have to think that if that's the case, Taylor is clearly not well and I'll leave it at that.

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Charles R said...

Ever feel like you're watching a seriously unfunny episode of The Simpsons? Just when you think: Oh that is too weird, the next scene trumps it. I know that they say that life is like a dream, but does it have to be a nightmare?