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Ritual Night Talk for November 3rd

Ritual Night Talk for November 3rd - Political Magick

Ritual Night Talk for November 3rd - Political Magick 777 Magical Powers: Donations:

Posted by Leaping Laughter on Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Here is the video of last night's Ritual Night Talk on political magick. The link to the magical powers column from Liber 777 is here and the donation link is here.

In this talk I go through a good exercise for any magician to do when faced with a problem. Liber 777 has a full list of magical powers attributed to the elements, planets, and signs, and when planning a magical operation it is good to consider how any or even all of them can apply to the problem at hand according to their respective spheres of influence. The problem I use for reference here is political magick, since it has been observed that using magick to affect politicians and/or the political process in general seems to be especially difficult. And, after all, this talk took place on the evening of Election Day here in the United States.


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HalcAre said...

Interesting discussion. I enjoy hearing about the possible uses for the magical powers in a specific context, it allows you to get an idea of their utility in the face of sometimes vague descriptions.

What's the difference between consecration and enchantment when you want to apply an effect to a person?

Your new book sounds like an interesting read! Enochian seems a little too new and complex for me, as I've only just wrapped my head around the methods presented on this blog.

But reading about the history of magick and other methodologies is always interesting. When the book goes up, is it physical only, or can you buy it digitally?

Scott Stenwick said...

Thanks! Going through the powers like this for various applications is a useful exercise, even as a thought experiment.

I would say that the difference between consecration and enchantment in this context is like the difference between a magical tool and a talisman. Consecration would be like giving someone a mission and/or blessing, whereas enchantment is like drawing specific things to them. In a political context, that could be supporters, resources, and so forth.

I think you would be at least a little surprised by Mastering the Mystical Heptarchy, my first book on Enochian, if what you've seen of the system is that it's overly complex or difficult. Heptarchy focuses on the Heptarchia Mystica, John Dee's system of Enochian planetary magick, which is simpler than working with the Great Table - which is where you're working with the complex grid of spirit names that most Enochian books cover in detail.

Pendraig publishes all of my books as both print books and ebooks, so both physical and digital versions will be available.

HalcAre said...

I found both Mystical Heptarchy and Great Table on kindle, and after I read a sample, I bought them both. I love the analogy about grimoire magick needing a source code, which is generally how I felt the first time I read the Goetia.

Thank you for writing such clear and concise practice oriented books, they're right up my alley. I look forward to your third volume.

I had a question about the timeframe to designate for a working. I remember a previous article mentioning that zodiacal angels could achieve powerful results, but it would take a while.

I understand that you shouldn't demand something done sooner than would be feasible, but when evoking and dispatching angels, since your magical power is diluted by how many ongoing effects (unless you use talismans), I prefer to only have one spell running at once.

In light of this, do you have any guidelines on recommended general timeframes for elemental, planetary and zodiacal spirits? Specifically about minimum times, e.g. generally don't ask a zodiacal angel to manifest a result in under a month. And also maximum times, so if the spell fails I can begin the next one sooner. "Two months is plenty" or something like that.

But this is all relying on the assumption on my part that planetary spirits can be faster, and elemental spirits faster than planetary spirits, which could be a misconception.

Oh! When drawing a spirits sigil on a kamea, like Ghobs onto the lunar kamea, do I colour Ghobs sigil appropriate to the path of earth, and the lunar kamea beneath it appropriate to the path of the moon? Or both to the path of earth, since that's what's being worked with. Similar question for if I needed to colour the angel of Leo's sigil on a solar kamea.

Also, do I only use the sigil of the archangel, or archangel, angel, and spirit, since all three are called upon?

About talismans. I've never made one before, I remember you can make them by getting the kamea with the sigil, placing on top of it items related to the path you're working with such as plants, herbs, metal or a gem, anchoring the charge on it, and bundling them up into a small sachet once the ritual is done.

As a beginner, this seems difficult, as the specific items required can be hard to source locally and sometimes get expensive to both purchase and ship. Are there talisman creation methods that aren't as costly, or time consuming? I imagine a late delivery causing you to miss an opportune astrological election would be annoying.

Finally, I had a question about familiars. What exactly is a familiar? Many descriptions of the spirits of the goetia list the giving of familiars as an ability, but I don't know how that would work in practice.

I'm aware of the general pop culture idea of a companion spirit, but I don't know how that would work in actual practice. What's the intended effect, how would you incorporate it into successful rituals? Would it even be as useful as a full evocation of a complex spirit like an angel?

Roger Bacon said...

Mr. Stenwick I think you should consider making your "Mastering the Aires" manuscript available for purchase directly on your website if Pendraig keeps dragging their feet. I will buy ten copies!

Scott Stenwick said...

Thank you very much. I am glad that you are enjoying them.

Time frames can be hard to estimate. I would probably say something like two weeks for an elemental operation, a month for a planetary operation, and several months for a zodiacal operation. Elemental spirits do tend to quicker but less powerful probability-wise, zodiacal spirits are slower but more powerful, and planetary spirits are in the middle. The caveat there is that it does depend a little on the individual spirit - some are stronger than others for particular operations.

Just use colors appropriate to the spirit you are conjuring. Don't worry about colors specific to the kamea.

You can also just take the right kind of stone, for example, set it in your containment structure on top of your drawn sigil, conjure the spirit, and charge it to empower the stone. You can even make a talisman out of paper with the sigil drawn in the proper colors. You definitely don't need to track down all the corresponding materials in 777, for example - that would be cool, granted, but not necessary. One correspondence match is fine. I like stones or metals, personally.

Basically a familiar is a personal spirit like a servitor that can do things for you. Chaos magicians just create servitors, and there's a Golden Dawn technique for it too where you build what's called a telesma - same thing, essentially, a spirit created by the magician. If you ask a spirit to give you a familiar, it will have powers in the same general area as the granting spirit. Generally they aren't as powerful as evoked spirits, but they will follow you around and can help you do magick on the fly without any additional ritual work.

Scott Stenwick said...

I have a contract on the book, so I will not be selling it myself. I really am not that interested in doing all the work to get the site set up to do e-commerce anyway.

Also, not going to go into details, but the folks at Pendraig are not dragging their feet. They want the book out as much as I do and are navigating some remaining production issues.

Roger Bacon said...

It's great to hear the book might be coming out soon. Keep us posted!

HalcAre said...

Thanks for the answers, I hope Pendraig finishes production on Thirty Aires soon. How is it in the context of practical magick? I once skimmed through Lon Milo DuQuette's enochian vision magick, and it seemed like the Thirty Aires were mostly a combination of pathworking and scrying.

Clarification on a few points: does that mean a kamea can be left black but the sigil should be coloured? Also, do you prefer to only use the sigil of the angel or elemental king, not their subordinates? Do I address a charge to all three spirits, or just the presiding angel / ruler?

How would you make a talisman from paper? The part that's eluding me is talisman construction. I remember that a piece of metal can be engraved with the kamea of the ruling planet, and now I know you can charge a stone, but that's as far as my knowledge extends for what is an effective material basis.

Also, does the size of the material matter? I have a few very small fire opals lying around that I could use as a fire talisman, but I'd say they're a quarter the size of a fingernail.

A ritual night talk about talismans in depth would be cool.

Scott Stenwick said...

I certainly will keep you all posted. Augoeides readers will be the first to know!

Thirty Aires is by me, so all of it is practical magick. Basically, anyway. I cover how Crowley's aethyr scrying worked briefly, but his procedure was really simple so I don't spend a lot of time on it. The original intention of the system was to effect political change.

Kamea can be left black, or even omitted entirely if you have the drawn sigil. It seems to work about the same whether you include subordinate sigils. But conjure the subordinates and address the charge to them along with the angel, especially for planetary work along Agrippa lines - you can just use the angel sigil, but conjure and address your charge to the angel, intelligence, and spirit.

Just draw the sigil in the right colors on a piece of paper. It really sounds to me like you're overthinking this.

The size is not very important. It's that way with offerings, too. The spirits are concerned with the "virtues" and properties of the material, not its quantity.

I did one talk on talismans back in July. Did you see that one?

If you have specific question s after watching that one, let me know. I'd be happy to go into more depth on the subject.

Alex Scaraoschi said...

@Scott, sorry for having to post this link here, but it contains the image.

@HalcAre you can simply draw the sigil with whatever you have at hand and use it in ritual as it is - see image in the link. It should work well too. Or spend some time rendering the sigils on an image editing program in the colors of all four worlds, print them, then laminate them to make them last for a long time ;)

HalcAre said...

Yeah, overthinking is a tendency of mine.

I watched the talisman talk, it cleared things up massively.

Liber 777 has metals for planets only, whereas herbs and stones apply to every path. I can see using a stone, or a ticture with a sigil painted on the bottle. In the case of animals, a piece of the animal, like a claw, fur or feathers could work.

In the case of mythical creatures, would an image or drawing work?

Since elements are sublunar, an elemental talisman could use silver, and zodiac signs could use the metal of their ruling planet. Sound about right?

Scott Stenwick said...

Yes, all of those are workable. There is a fair amount of flexibility when working with talismans, and usually they will work as long as they are constructed along reasonable parameters.