Friday, December 4, 2020

Revisions, Revisions, Revisions

Contrary to popular belief, I do occasionally go back and update my posts based on changes in my practice and so forth. Recently I have been going through my elemental work, planetary work, zodiacal work, and path of initiation posts to change the generic Table of Art/Practice diagram that I originally used over to the more elaborate Table shown above from The Digital Ambler. You can read in detail how it was constructed here.

The main reason I went with this particular version is that it includes an additional outside ring with the zodiacal angels rendered in Celestial Hebrew. While I don't make much use of cipher alphabets in my own work, the presence of the zodiacal angels seems especially appropriate given the various aspects of zodiacal magick that I teach, including chart victors and simple electional timing. It's especially ideal for zodiacal operations, though you can still conjure zodiacal angels with the old version and they do show up.

This design is more time-consuming to draw than the old version unless you happen to be a really good crafter - which I am not - so I recommend the same method I used for my traveling Sigillum Dei Aemeth - print out the diagram and glue it onto an 8-inch wooden disk from Michael's or some other craft store. Then you can seal the top to make it more durable.

In addition to changing out the Table diagram I have made a few other tweaks here and there, such as taking out "Let the divine light descend!" from my Greater rituals. That's a technique that I used to use, but over the last several years I've dropped it because in the context of embodied spirituality, the divine light more "emerges" or "fills" than "descends." If you are doing it that way and like it feel free to continue, but as I no longer use it I figured I should remove it from the rituals while I was making updates.

So far I have only done a couple of operations with the new Table design, so I don't have a good sample set for comparison. But it seems like it works at least as well as the generic version, if not better. If you feel like doing some of those experiments yourself, I invite you to try them out and share your results.

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Alex Scaraoschi said...

Awesome! It would've been nice to contain ye olde seals of the zodiacal angels from the Magical Calendar too. But it looks appealing nonetheless. I for one will continue using the previous design you've had on your articles, which I've drawn on some old plywood with a magic marker. Works great and I made the triangle in the center as large as I needed it. I also imprinted it with Celestial characters on a rectangular fabric - easy to have it on myself, deploy and use, fold it back, and back in the pocket it goes :)

HalcAre said...

Ah, it's beautiful. I remember coming across the Ambler's drawing spirits into crystals article series about a year ago, it's a great read.

Ultimately I chose to go with the simplified version of the table that was originally on your blog, as the expanded version shown here had spirits I'd never heard of.

I think I'll stick with my simplified version for now as I'm getting good results. I might draw out the expanded version later on, especially if your probability tests indicate heightened effectiveness.