Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Ritual Night Talk for December 15th

Here is the video of last night's Ritual Night Talk on magick as technology. The donation link is here.

Magick is essentially a technology involving consciousness. Some perspectives treat magick and religion as different or even entirely opposed approaches to spirituality. However, if we consider that the real intent of religion is to codify a system for producing spiritual experiences, they are quite similar. In addition, in this talk I go through how some of the metaphysical ideas from the last couple of weeks can be applied to magical rituals and operations.


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Big Twig said...

at some point in this recent series (i think it was in this one, apologies if not- the videos dont load at my home) you touched on the greater efficacy achieved by working with spirits stemming partly from the fact they know exactly what to target/where to direct the magic to make it count. im curious if you have any thoughts on working with servitors in conjunction with spirits- like, say, completing the birth/instruction phase of servitor creation in a field attuned to its purpose and with spirits present that are relevant to said purpose so that if they were willing to do so greater effectiveness could be imparted to the servitor. Since talisman creation benefits from calling on spirits rather rather than just our own intent/power, a servitor aint gonna be too different right? already experimenting with this some but am interested in your take!

Scott Stenwick said...

There is not a lot of difference between working with a spirit to empower a talisman and creating a servitor bound to a talisman, the difference being that the spirit can add power and expertise to the operation. So I would agree with your point here - spirits should be able to aid in the construction of servitors as you lay out here. As a matter of fact, I have included some of the servitor creation material in my own work but applied in the context of spirits and talismans - and so far I've seen good results from it.