Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Ritual Night Talk for October 26th

Here is the video of Tuesday's Ritual Night Talk, on offerings. The donation link is here.

Offerings are a good technique to employ when working with spirits, and can improve your magical results substantially. In this talk I go over the basics of working with offerings, how to use them in your rituals, and some of the misconceptions about them that I have come across.


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Roth said...

watching this after reading your operant equation article it definitely fits that an offering you attach more weight to might actually trip up your laces more being that somewhere in your mind there’s greater attachment due to its monetary/time/effort cost. if the entire aim of the pentagram/hexagram ritual framework is simplification, why go counter to that aim and stress yourself obtaining something crazy when homie would have been just fine if you got him a shot and a beer?? since we’re directing spirits not supplicating to them a complicated offering is gonna detract far more than it adds.

Samat said...

Apologies if I missed this somewhere, but I think it is clear in your articles that the Elemental King operations and the zodiacal operations, offerings are given only to the spirit whereas in your planetary magick articles, all 3 spirits in the hierarchy are given the same singular offering i.e one candle for all 3 spirits. Is this a good idea or should all 3 planetary spirits get the same piece of offering instead of 3 separate offerings?

Scott Stenwick said...

That would be because in the King evocations you are calling on the one spirit to do the work, and in the zodiacal operations you are calling on one spirit to do the work. In the planetary operations, you are calling on three spirits to do the work. So you make offerings to the spirit or spirits that are working for you.

With the planetary work, you can make one offering for all three or separate offerings for each one - it doesn't make much difference as long as you don't forget any of them. So I generally just do one for all three because it's more convenient.

Samat said...

So whenever you do a ritual, do you always add in some sort of offering or does it depend on the purpose of the ritual itself? I know you don't do offerings separately, so all your offerings are made on the day and hour of the planet. I wonder how would I do if I were to make an offering to an hour other than the ruling planet's.

Scott Stenwick said...

I do not always do offerings, but when I do I make them as part of the ritual. I start with the offering in the Table of Art along with the sigil and so forth, and then formally offer it to the spirit after I give the charge.

Separate offerings can be made at any time, but it's good to do them in the proper hour of the planet because that's when they seem to work best.