Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Ritual Night Talk for October 5th

Here is the video of Tuesday's Ritual Night Talk, on mythic magick. The operant equation link is here, the parting the Red Sea article is here, and the donation link is here.

Mythic magick is the kind of magick you hear about in mythology and religious stories from long ago. Usually those stories are exaggerated, but sometimes they are inspired by historical events. In this talk I discuss some of these stories and attempt to put them in proper context. I also discuss some ideas for increasing the probability shifts produced by your operations that might move results in at least the direction of mythic-level results.


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Bishop said...

So Angel Conjuration+Intense Gnosis add more chanches?
I guess it s preferable to enter gnosis in magickal operation.
I read in Liber Null that intense Gnosis like Graveyard example night add more chanches!If someone is on graveyard in night and concentrate on something and controls it he enter intense gnosis and add chanches to charge.

Scott Stenwick said...

So in general, yes. More intense gnostic consciousness should improve all of your magical results, whether you are working with spirits or not.

But regardless of what you see in books like Liber Null, I fail to see how working in a graveyard at night constitutes "gnosis." One of the issues I've seen with chaos magicians, as I think I allude to in the video, is that at least some of them consider any alteration of normal consciousness gnosis, and that just isn't correct. Gnosis is a shift in consciousness of a specific type, not any shift in consciousness.

I suppose there could be people in the world who experience that state of consciousness from working in graveyards or whatever. But it's not a general thing, and it's not about the action itself. It's about the specific state of consciousness, not how you get there, and pretty much by definition that's going to be a personal thing.

Bishop said...

Thank your kindly for a answer
Do your got a recomendation for book where you conjure Angels from astrology rulling houses?

In Abremalin is it true that a person first achieves contact with their HGA and then binds Demons?And then supposedly the person has"Powers"if he achieves Tipharet state or Knowledge and Conversation with HGA?I tought Abremalin is mystical rite!

Scott Stenwick said...

I am not sure there is a book out there that covers angels of the houses. I personally have never seen or read one.

Regarding the Abramelin, it's a medieval grimoire with a mystical component and a practical component. What most people call "The Abramelin Operation" or just "The Abramelin" is the first part of the grimoire, which deals with the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel.

The practical component is the second part. Once you accomplish Knowledge and Conversation, you can then conjure various demons and have them swear allegiance to you in the name of your Holy Guardian Angel. Then you have the authority to conjure them for practical tasks.

Modern HGA invocation rituals like Liber Samekh are supposed to work like the first part, the mystical section that results in Knowledge and Conversation, thought that's a controversial statement among many grimoire purists.

Alex Scaraoschi said...

The list of 12 angels appears in Liber 777 by Crowley and in The Great Magician's Tables by Skinner. Nothing more is written about them except for their names and Hebrew spelling. The important thing to know is what each house covers so you'd know what to ask of each angel.

Bishop said...

I m a little confused about talismans!Somewhere here i read that talismans is its own source od energy.So that means that the energies don t use a person as a anchor.My q is can i do conjuration usually without talisman just once so i m not energeticly affected but talismans are good for one goal done repetedley?

I guess i need to draw entity s sigils on talisman and convert letters into numbers using Gematria?Like i will do specifics with Angel but generally i do My Name-Job and convert it to number.Something that cleary expresses my Idea.Also read that it s good to convert you name into a sigil with corespond planet.

Scott Stenwick said...

I have to say, I am a little confused by your question.

Talismans have their own source of energy, so they run without impeding your ability to do other magick because they don't use you as an anchor.

Otherwise, though, they work exactly like spells without talismans. So you can use a talisman for any kind of spell you want. That could be a one-time goal, though in that case the talisman will usually shut down as soon as that goal is accomplished. You can take better advantage of the way talismans work by charging them in such a way that they maintain ongoing effects, but you don't have to use them that way.

Remember that the sigil and character are not a talisman. They are separate. They are used to conjure the spirit(s), and then you charge those spirits to empower a separate object which is the talisman. The talisman should have some affinity to the power you are charging it with, and one way to do that is, for example, to draw the planetary character from Agrippa onto it. But you can also just something made from a corresponding metal or a corresponding stone.

Bishop said...

I was thinking that if i do many magickal operations without talisman that they do something with my energy like lower it.

Scott Stenwick said...

That is correct in at least one sense - the total probability shift that you can create with magick gets divided among all your ongoing operations anchored on your sphere of consciousness. It's not really "energy" exactly, but it works like magical potential and I sometimes do call it "energy" as a shorthand. But it's not the same thing as, for example, Qi energy.

So if you anchor your ongoing spells on talismans, you will have more magical potential to work with for other operations.

Bishop said...

Could i just conjure a Angel and tell him to pass all my charges to talisman then!
For example if i called Sachiel 3 Times i make a talisman for Jupiter i tell him to divert previous charges to talisman?

Scott Stenwick said...

You could, as long as you do them one at a time and use separate talismans. If you do one ritual with one talisman and pass all your charges to it, the multiple operations will still divide the magical potential of the talisman and you won't see any improvement.

Also, tinkering with an ongoing operation can sometimes "set it back to zero," so to speak. When you recast an operation under better astrological conditions, for example, the new probability shift can be higher, but at the same it can negate progress made under the previous lower-probability version. That's sometimes worth it and sometimes not - it depends on the situation.