Monday, October 13, 2008

"Magick": Not Another One!

I've complained before about people on the Internet using "magick" as a term for various things unrelated to esoteric practices, including music albums and stage magic shows. Now a software developer has decided to use it as the name for a new Linux distribution. I'm an old Unix hacker from way back and like Linux as much as the next person, but I seriously wish people would quit making esotericists' keyword searches more difficult. As it is the Google Newsreel is already worthless in that regard.

I mean, this is a Linux distribution - couldn't it have been called "Magix" or something? It's kind of cute and has the added advantage that people looking for Linux information won't be getting back links to my blog. Or maybe it could have been named using one of the poser spellings like "magik" or "majik." Any of those would be preferable from a search engine standpoint.

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