Friday, October 24, 2008

Enochian Magical Fields

My Enochian pentagram and hexagram rituals can be used to open an operant field or any of the other magical fields just like the Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram/Lesser Ritual of the Hexagram or the Star Ruby/Star Sapphire combinations. However, they are designed slightly differently from the other similar rituals found in the tradition in order to streamline magical operations.

The main innovation I wanted to incorporate was to encapsulate my ritual work within both rituals rather than repeating them to close down a rite. As a result, the basic structure works like this.
  1. AOIVEAE steps 1 to 7.
  2. MADRIAX steps 1-9.
  3. MADRIAX step 10 is the Enochian ritual itself.
  4. MADRIAX step 11.
  5. AOIVEAE step 8.
So according to this structure (1) and (2) are the opening, (3) is the ritual work, and (4) and (5) are the closing. It's an elegant way of doing the ceremonial forms and it is quite fast and efficient.

These two rituals can also be used to create stand-alone fields without additional ritual components. In this case, the invoking form of the MADRIAX omits steps 10 and 11 and the banishing form omits steps 9 and 10. So a standalone invoking MADRIAX would end with "MADRIAX CARMARA, YOLCAM LONSHI" while the banishing version would drop the "YOLCAM" line completely and follow the circumambulation with "MADRIAX CARMARA, ADRPAN LONSHI."

The main reason that I developed these rituals was, first of all, to streamline Enochian evocations, and second of all because I like the idea of matching your ceremonial forms to the magical system that you are using. For Qabalistic rituals I use the LRP/LRH and for Thelemic rituals I use the Star Ruby/Star Sapphire, so I wanted something similar that was directly related to my Enochian work. Truth be told, you can do Enochian work with the Qabalistic or Thelemic rituals, but at least for me matching up the opening rituals to the system works better in terms of objective results.

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Knight of Pan said...

Very nice. I like your ritual construction.