Monday, July 23, 2012

Your Own Private Leprechaun

Does anyone here remember The site still exists, but it stopped being updated years ago. That's a real shame, because some of the stuff they managed to come across on eBay was downright hilarious, especially their writeups of the various items. It still has a forum where you can post your own disturbing items, but come on - it's just not the same. At any rate, lately some enterprising souls have decided that there's money to be made selling "metaphysical items" on eBay, like charms, talismans, magical implements... and this.

An astral plane leprechaun is bound to this item. He has red hair, freckles, pale skin, and easily gets sunburn. Leprechauns are a good spirited type of male faery that flows with good fortune. He carries with him several four-leaf clovers. Leprechauns come from the old ways of Ireland, the pagan druids, before the Irish experienced cultural genocide, which lead to similar effects of cultural genocide the Native Americans experienced, such as alcoholism. The leprechauns all weep for Ireland and wish it to return to druidism. He is very protective of his pot of gold, but willing to share bit of luck for a worthy person. Having a leprechaun spirit around will attract good luck and money to you in everything you do. This spirit will also attempt to grant your desires. The way he grants them is purely through giving you good luck so that by virtue of luck will steer things to how you like them.

Oddly enough, I'm pretty sure this same item came up a few months back with a higher price attached to it. I considered blogging it, but never got around to writing up the post. Clearly, by coming up on my radar again it's just begging to be mocked.

Let's start with the title of the item: "necklace~Seal of the Leprechaun Spirit Money God~Astrum Thelema Aleister Crowley." Sorry folks, but Aleister Crowley never had any dealings with leprechauns, nor are they related in any way to "Astrum Thelema," whatever the hell that is. Then there's the picture, which looks like something out of a B-movie. Apparently this leprechaun comes with his own luggage! So if you don't need a leprechaun, the $24.99 asking price is still a pretty good deal even if all you walk away with is the suitcase.

On to the description. Apparently the seller is a member of a "secret group" that travels to Egypt each month to stand at the foot of the Great Sphinx and channel spirits into their bodies - like, I guess, leprechauns. Why you wouldn't want to do this in Ireland is completely beyond me, but apparently the "ancient spiritual energies" of the sphinx have something to do with it. And I suppose the whole point of channeling the spirits is... well, so they can bind those spirits into cheap jewelry and then sell those items on eBay. Is this seriously a winning business plan? In addition to airfare, I have it on good authority (well, Graham Hancock, but that's another story) that in order to do much of anything on the Giza plateau besides the regular tourist stuff (like, say, rituals in the dead of night) you have to bribe the guards just to get in. It's a lot to go through for a talisman that you're planning on selling for $24.99.

So could this thing be for real? I honestly have no idea, though I think the back story is pretty fishy. I can channel a viable spirit just fine in my temple without any need for bribes or airline tickets, and if I were to place it into an item it would work fine even if I attached a phony story about its origins. Then again, there's the caveat that if something sounds like a scam, maybe it is one.

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