Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Gilford Ghost

Here's another one of those cases that's either legitimate paranormal activity or an outright fake. Recent security footage from a store in Gilford, New Hampshire appears to show a glass bowl being tossed off a counter by an invisible force. The bowl breaks at around 00:50 on the video. Some commenters online have suggested some sort of vibration from outside the shop might be responsible, but after viewing the footage I'm dubious of that explanation. The bowl doesn't just slip or slide off, it actually seems to be pushed or pulled.

The easiest way to fake this would probably be something like monofilament line attached to the bowl. At the resolution of the security camera it would be invisible and even digital enhancement likely wouldn't reveal it. WMUR news in New Hampshire reports that the store's owners will be bringing in paranormal investigators to check out the shop, and it will be interesting to hear their findings. Hopefully whoever they contact will be professional enough to try to rule out every possible normal explanation before concluding that the place is haunted, but at the same time avoid the usual skeptic assumption that just because it would be possible to fake the footage it must not be authentic.

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