Sunday, April 6, 2014

Hazards of Massage Therapists

Silly me! I was under the impression that when you go to a massage therapist all you leave with is relaxed muscles. But leave it my Facebook feed to set me straight. It seems that a visit to the massage therapist can result in demonic possession. I wonder if that's what happened to the yoga guy from Friday's post. I imagine that demons probably enjoy throwing dead animals more than the rest of us.

Going to a massage therapist however innocent, for therapy or just for a relaxing thing to do with your girlfriends or hubby/guy friend....can transfer demons present in them, unto you! If they are practicing witches or using witchcraft, new age techniques in any way, it is an open door to receive this most deadly spirit of witchcraft, not to mention all the other demons they may carry! It's a "laying on of hands"!!! It's an open door to Satan to attack you! Believe me....this is how our family was infected years ago when my mother went for massage treatments to bring her womb up into position so she could conceive. The result....every demon that was in that woman was transferred unto her! Yes she became pregnant but the child ended up demon possessed! Those demons were transferred then unto the rest of us...destroyed our family!!! Thus God brought me through 12 yrs of spiritual warfare to break those rid us of all the demons and bring us out of the curse.....I minister to people all the time who have picked up demons from the massage therapist!..SO ONLY GO IF YOU COVER YOURSELF WITH ANOINTING OIL FIRST....OVER YOUR WHOLE BODY, ASK FORGIVENESS OF SINS BEFORE YOU GO IN AND FORBID SATAN TO TRANSFER ANY DEMONS FROM THEM TO YOU!!! ALSO BREAK ALL SOUL TIES WITH WHOMEVER GAVE YOU THE MASSAGE! IF YOU DON'T KNOW THEIR NAME..... SAY....THE ONE WHO WORKED ON ME TODAY LORD WEARING THE BLUE SHIRT (OR WHATEVER)

It would be interesting to see a real clinical study of this supposed case, since I have a hard time believing anybody who goes in for a massage really gets infected with demons, at least not the sort I'm familiar with. This just seems like more of the paranoia about the modern world that seems to infect certain fundamentalists. But maybe I'm wrong, and there really is a whole class of massage demons created by Satan for the express purpose of afflicting massage therapists. If so, given the popularity of massage the Teen Exorcist Squad really has their work cut out for them.

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Rob said...

I'm surprised there hasn't been a bigger Christian backlash against legitimate massage therapy. Most of the ones I've been to tend to have, at the very least, a new age bend and many also practice Reiki or some other form of energy work. Plus they use a lot of the same tools we do (candles, incense, ect.).

In fact several times I've seen therapists who didn't practice Reiki or advertise any other form of energy work doing simplistic rituals meant for basic energy manipulation, cleansings, and link breaks.

Anonymous said...

I read the article a bit too quickly first time - as I thought you were saying that the Teen Exorcist Squad were now providing massages...

Scott Stenwick said...

If they offered massages in addition to exorcisms they probably would get a lot of business. Maybe some sort of two-for-one deal, where they give you a massage after they exorcise your demons.

Anonymous said...

Two for one, that's a great idea. They could borrow a tag-line from Heineken ( "Teen Exorcist Squad, cleanse the parts other Exorcists cannot reach"