Wednesday, April 9, 2014

"Noah" Flooded Out

The latest film adaptation of the story of Noah's ark, Darren Aronofsky's Noah, has courted controversy and protests since it opened, mostly due to fundamentalists objecting to changes in the story that differ from the Biblical account. At a British theater in Exeter, though, the opening of the film was not interrupted by protesters, but rather by flooding.

An Exeter cinema was forced to close due to flooding - on the same day Noah opened on the big-screen nationwide. Those wanting to attend the first viewing of the latest blockbuster at Vue cinema in Exeter on Friday could have been forgiven for thinking they got a little closer to the action than anticipated.

Staff discovered the excess water when they arrived for work just after 7am. The venue had to close to the public until 2pm - meaning the first showing of Noah at 12.15pm had to be cancelled. The scale of water may not have been as biblical as it was on the big screen - and it is unclear if any animals had to be rescued from the confines of the cinema – - but the irony wasn’t lost on cinema-goers.

It's tempting to think that someone or something out there has a sense of humor. Of all the movies that could have been flooded out, this one is by far the most amusing, even though the water apparently just came from a broken ice machine. In the overall scheme of things that's pretty unimpressive and certainly nothing requiring an ark or even a small boat. According to the theater, engineers are working on repairing the damage and they should be open for business as usual again soon.

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