Saturday, July 9, 2016

Lizard People Meet!

...but so alone

So you're a poor, lonely reptilian humanoid, trapped on a world ruled over by others of your kind just trying to get through the day. Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could find a lizard person just like yourself, or even a human slave, to share the trials and frustrations of navigating this unfamiliar planet? Well, now you can! Lizard People Meet is the first dating website specifically designed for shape-shifting reptilian humanoids!

Sure, you've stolen of hundreds of humans hearts. But isn't it time to let someone steal yours? With Lizard People Meet, you can connect with Lizard People from all over the galaxy right from the comfort of the home you recently invaded. Just whip out your comically over-sized genitalia, and start falling in love.

Unfortunately the site doesn't look all that useful, since while you can select items from the dropdown on the front page, it doesn't seem like it actually allows you to search profiles - or do anything else, for that matter. Or maybe I can't get the site to work right because I lack the appropriate lizard marker in my DNA. As a point, there's not much overlap between sorcerers and reptilians, despite what fundamentalist Christians who like David Icke will tell you.

The couple of "sample profiles" are funny, but it looks like that's about all there is. I always knew that Dick Cheney was in it with the aliens, and they have proof! Otherwise, you can buy t-shirts and "register," though it's not clear whether you can actually sign up or if it just puts you on another marketing email list or something. Also, the "script" link looks like a treatment for B-movie or something, so perhaps that's what these folks are trying to promote.

Anyway, this gave me a good laugh. The site is amusing and pretty well-done. Maybe one of these days the conspiracy folks will figure out that the whole "lizard people" thing is little more than a big joke - you know, just like David Icke.

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