Thursday, June 29, 2017

He Did It Again

Remember Michael Tate Reed, the Aleister Crowley reincarnation/self-proclaimed Satanist/individual suffering from severe mental illness who destroyed the Oklahoma City Ten Commandments monument back in 2014? He just did it again yesterday, this time in Arkansas. As in the 2014 incident, he apparently smashed the monument by running into it with a vehicle. Police have identified him and issued a warrant for his arrest.

A sheriff’s department spokesman in Oklahoma says a man arrested in the destruction of Arkansas’ Ten Commandments monument is the same man who crashed his vehicle into Oklahoma’s monument in 2014.

Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Mark Opgrande tells The Associated Press that Michael Tate Reed of Van Buren, Arkansas, was arrested in October 2014 in the destruction of Oklahoma’s Ten Commandments monument at the state Capitol. Reed was taken to hospital in Oklahoma for mental health treatment and never formally charged in that case.

Authorities believe the 32-year-old Reed drove his vehicle into Arkansas’ Ten Commandments monument early Wednesday, smashing it to pieces. A Facebook Live video shot early Wednesday and posted on an account belonging to a Michael Reed appears to show the destruction of the monument.

Now I realized the Poor Oppressed Christians will be screaming about "Christian persecution" pretty soon now if they aren't doing it already. But the fact is that they're basically being persecuted by one deranged person who I expect will soon be arrested. If you read my previous article covering Reed's explanation of the 2014 attack, it's pretty clear that he wasn't in his right mind back then. My guess is that's probably the case here as well.

Personally, I don't have a problem with religious monuments like these so long as all religions who want it are given equal access. But even if I did entirely disapprove of the thing, running it over is not a solution. The proper solution is through the courts, not taking matters into your own hands. I've denounced Christians on many occasions for damaging displays put up by other religions, and I denounce this too. You have to be consistent.

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