Thursday, January 29, 2009

"Bad Magick" Case Falling Apart?

This could be a bad sign for prosecutors in North Carolina. The charges against Diana Palmer, the third person charged in the "Satanic cult" case involving Joy Johnson and Joseph Craig, were dropped today.

Police said Palmer knew about assaults alleged to have occurred in a residence on Albany Street in Durham and said she helped Joseph Scott Craig remove evidence from the house.


Prosecutors asked Thursday for a continuance in Palmer's case, but defense attorney Bill Thomas objected, saying the case had dragged on for more than six months.

District Judge Nancy Gordon denied the continuance, effectively dismissing the case.

Palmer was only charged as an accessory and Johnson and Craig have yet to go to trial, but it remains to be seen whether this dismissal is simply a sign that Palmer was not involved or an indication that the entire case has serious problems.

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