Monday, January 19, 2009

Lithuanian Witch Hired by Debt Collector

Could it be a sign of the state of our world economy? A Lithuanian debt collector has hired a witch to help track down companies and individuals with outstanding debts and induce them to pay up. The witch, a woman named Vilija Lobaciuviene, bills herself as "Lithuania's leading witch" and makes her living performing magical services for clients. A company spokesman for the debt collection agency explained Lobaciuviene's new role.

'Our new employee will help them [debtors] to understand the situation, reconsider what is right and wrong and act accordingly,' said a company spokesman.

In other words, I suppose, she'll threaten to hex them if they don't pay up. I'll have to follow the story and see how successful she is at collecting actual money.

You see, I've considered doing this to debtors in the past, but the problem is that if make a threat you have to follow through on it if the debtor calls your bluff. If you do follow through and cast a curse, the likelihood that the debt will ever be paid goes way down. Generally speaking, somebody who can't pay their debts is having a run of bad financial luck already, and if you make their luck even worse with some kind of a curse it will probably take them even longer to make good on it.

Of course, all this consideration goes out the window when you get conned by an individual who has no intention of paying you back. That can be properly treated as theft, and an evocation to "bring back the thief and what he stole" is probably in order. Then if that doesn't work, you're free to curse away.

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Knight of Pan said...

There's Goetic spirits that do the same thing cheaper! Of course to the superstitious the mere threat of a "witch" casting a whammy on them is a great incentive to pay, especially when said witch is probably just a scammer for profit.

Ananael Qaa said...

There's Goetic spirits that do the same thing cheaper!

Well, sure, but if you're one of those normal folks who thinks magick is "too hard" you still need to hire that Goetic magician.

While most people who are able to make a living using magick are fakes, you never know. She could be for real, and if that's the case maybe she's working with the same Goetic spirits.