Monday, January 5, 2009

Meet Mexico's "Grand Warlock"

I suppose you learn something new every day. Like until now, I had no idea that Mexico even had a "Grand Warlock," which sounds a lot more like something out of a B-movie than any sort of spiritual title. But apparently Antonio Vasquez is for real - at least according to Antonio Vasquez.

Vazquez has been making predictions since 1980 on events ranging from international events to the private lives of celebrities, based on his reading of tarot cards.

Unfortunately, Vasquez' ability to predict the future appears to be erratic at best.

Vazquez erroneously predicted last year that oil prices would be stable and that Cuba's Fidel Castro and singer Britney Spears would die. This year, he says Spears will continue to triumph.

If inaccurate predictions are the mark of a Grand Warlock, I suppose the last one we had here in the United States would have to have been Criswell. Maybe it's time we had another, seeing as he died in 1982.

Vasquez' latest prediction is that some US troops will be recalled from Iraq and stationed at the border between the United States and Mexico in the coming year. That seems pretty safe for him, given that:

  1. Some troops will be leaving Iraq based on military projections.

  2. The military has recently announced that some troops will be activated within the United States.

  3. Border security will likely be a significant issue in the next congress, and is probably one of the least controversial uses of those troops.
So I guess that means to become a Grand Warlock, one must make predictions about the future that only a warlock or a regular newspaper reader could deduce. Maybe I should consider taking the job - after all, since Grand Warlocks are apparently "self-proclaimed" I wouldn't even need to ace the job interview.

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