Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Ritual Night Talk for April 21

One of the takeaways from this pandemic situations is that I am working on getting better at streaming events and creating videos. Since we can't meet in person for Leaping Laughter's weekly Ritual Night event, I will be streaming "ritual night talks" on Facebook Live. The video shown above is from Tuesday, April 21.

The format is kind of like what I usually do in the first portion of ritual night, which is talking about whatever magical topic happens to be on my mind and/or in response to questions from participants. It's a little disjointed and informal, but my students tell me they get a lot out of it and I enjoy it so I keep doing it.

This week's video talks mostly about the "Lesser" rituals, opening procedures, and daily practice - a lot of which you probably are familiar with if you are a longtime Augoeides reader. Next week I will be talking about the hexagram rituals, based on a request from a viewer. Enjoy!

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Big Twig said...

I liked the delineation hinted at of middle pillar/macro and middle pillar/micro- so within an operant field the divine forces being called into the self via middle pillar exercise are their macrocosmic/transpersonal forms. within an invoking field the divine forces called in would be both macrocosmic and your own internal manifestations of them. and if only a pentagram ritual is performed prior they would be only their microcosmic forms. is that all accurate? if so, if the microcosm is banished, is the macrosmic divine called in still able to do work on the psyche/body of light or is that energy then only available to effect outside the self?

in the context of a daily practice (lrp/lrh/mpe/circulation), with the aim being simply a gradual proper aligning & increased HGA contact, would it be more effective to be calling in the macrocosmic divine, which is separate from our own individual psychological/personal issues, that the personal system gradually improves itself through proximity to the unflawed?

Scott Stenwick said...

Short answer to your first question is yes. LIRP/LIRH includes a macrocosmic invocation just like LBRP/LIRH does. Using just an LRP keeps the work microcosmic.

As the macrocosm contains the microcosm, you can influence yourself just fine with an LBRP/LIRH opening. You can do something similar with LIRP/LIRH, though I have found that the dynamic balance of the LBRP/LIRH seems to align the microcosm and macrocosm as a coherent whole. LIRP/LIRH enhance both, but they don't necessarily "interlock" to the same degree, if that makes sense.

I think that calling in the macrocosmic divine is better preparation for establishing HGA contact and pretty much any other magical practice or technique. I recommend that student work with rituals to that effect as soon as they can. Even in the case of psychological issues such as mental illnesses, most have organic components that correspond to macrocosmic structures.

Big Twig said...

been alternating between invoking field and operant field for the past couple weeks and the "interlocking" is a great way to describe the difference...instead of two lenses simply laid on top of each other the operant is composed of two lenses that click cohesively, and ritual work placed after the field is established feels clearer/cleaner as far as energy goes. also, using that microcosmic orbit instead of regardie or greer's cycle to circulate energy post-middle pillar feels wildly different, and while directing energy in vibration too. almost like swinging from a lower/more solid center of gravity.