Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Leo Elixir Rite for 2020

Here's the video of last night's Leo Elixir Rite. Facebook mostly behaved itself on this one and both the ritual and the livestream went well.

Leo is attributed to "the power of taming wild beasts." So it can be used to literally train animals, but it is more generally applicable to working with the brain's conditioning system. Leo can be invoked to change even long-standing conditioned behavior patterns and to inculcate new habits that better serve your will - basically it can be used to work with the unconscious "programming" created by reinforcement throughout our lifetimes.

It should be noted that this is not an "unconscious mind" that does complex processing, but more like a machine that simply urges you to repeat behaviors that were previously rewarded and avoid behaviors that were previously punished - whether or not the actual consequences of those behaviors match the consequences you received in the past. Leo lets us work with these conditioned responses directly, and can be highly effective in that context.


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