Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Ritual Night Talk for July 21st

Here's last night's Ritual Night Talk on talismans. Linking a magical operation to a talisman is pretty simple. You create an object that has an affinity with the force you are conjuring and then instead of a straight charge like "do xyz" you charge the spirit to "empower this talisman to do xyz." There are several advantages to working with talismans this way.


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Roger Bacon said...

Great video, I'm looking forward to the talisman write-up! I wonder if you'd get more numbers on the lottery with more talismans.

I have a couple of questions about the "link" part of the process though. When and how does the "link" process work? For instance, if you're going to spit on it to link it to yourself, do you just spit on the talisman right after engraving it, before starting the ritual? Do you say anything when you do that like, "I now link this talisman to me via the arcane mystery of saliva"?

Also, how do you link a talisman to another person? Say for example if you wanted to use Jupiter to discourage the electoral prospects of a certain orange politician...

Scott Stenwick said...

Hypothetically, that would be a good way to test it out. Make one lottery-winning talisman, play for a while, and see how you do. Then make a second one, play for a while, and compare the two data sets. If you try this, I would be interested in hearing about your results.

There are two kinds of magical links, similarity and contagion. A contagion link works pretty much like quantum entanglement. You can link to something by interacting with it, or by putting it in contact with a part of yourself or a part of a target. Anything with DNA in it works this way, including the classic hair and/or fingernail clippings that are commonly recommended. This can be your DNA or someone else's.

A similarity link works by means of something with a similar form or shape. The classic similarity link is a photograph. Similarity links appear to operate by the mechanism of morphic resonance laid out by Rupert Sheldrake, which is not as scientifically well-founded as quantum entanglement but according to basically all magical traditions works. Part of Sheldrake's theory has to do with the connection between morphology and DNA.

DNA is such a good link because it works both ways - contagion from the body cells it contains and resonance with the DNA still in the rest of your cells. You don't need to do or say anything special for this to work. It's just a property of the physical/energetic world. There are spells that you can use to specifically link two objects if you have both of them in your possession, but that's more of a special case for specific operations.

The easiest way to link a talisman to a politician these days is to use a photograph as a similarity link, since photographs of politicians are very easy to obtain and anything requiring close contact is very difficult because of security and the like. But as Peter Carroll observed years ago, public figures tend to be especially hard to affect with magick. He thought it had to do with having followers who believed in them, though I personally have found the belief-powers-magick model problematic.

In a certain orange politician's case, it's pretty clear that people are doing spells for him. Sure, they call them "prayers," but they work just like less focused spellwork and make up for that to some degree with larger numbers of people. There are also a few conservative occultists who are probably doing the same thing - or least there were last time around.

Roger Bacon said...

Thanks! So if I understand you correctly, you could just put a picture of a person under the talisman during the ritual, and that would link it. Do you then need to keep the picture connected to the talisman forever, or can you discard the picture after the ritual and the talsiman will still be linked to that person?

Scott Stenwick said...

One of the things I like to do is take a photograph and literally turn it into a talisman. You draw the characters directly onto it, including the character, angel seal, and intelligence and spirit seals depending on the operation. You get best results if you draw them in the proper colors.

The link should be maintained once the ritual is complete, though. You should be able to use the same photograph for multiple operations, for example. It doesn't need to stay in contact forever. To make sure, you can add something into the charge like:

"Empower this talisman and link it to [certain orange politician], that it will reduce his stature among his supporters, thwart all of his political aspirations, and remove him from office."

That should do it.

V.e.L.V.X. said...

That was a nice bit about building into the injunction a charge to continually empower the talisman, I'm adding that to my template.

I commonly use a photograph as a link to the target and have found it effective. I place the sigil of the spirit in the containment structure, on top of that the photograph, and on top of that the talisman, which is generally a square of paper these days. I reference the photograph during the ritual (e.g., "protect NN, whose image is upon this photograph") and at the end I place the talisman and the photograph together in an envelope where they live together from then on.

Alex Scaraoschi said...

Yet protocol > intent ;)

Scott Stenwick said...

Of course. That is the case with everything else - why should it be any different with magick? It never has made a lot of sense to me that intent/belief is all that matters for magical operations. Magick is a technology that involves individual consciousness, but it's not the only factor.

Good intentions that are applied poorly and result in bad outcomes is a cliche for a reason, in magick as well as in life.

Alex Scaraoschi said...

I'm not saying intent is all that matters, just that it's being discarded way to easily in favor of a series of prayers (wink). Whereas if you were to do those prayers right and formulate your intent in certain ways, you could do more harm than good. Nothing happening would be a good outcome in such a case.

Scott Stenwick said...

Of course, as I see it, any prayer that you do for a specific outcome is the same thing as a spell. Not that most religious folks will admit it, though.

V.e.L.V.X. said...

Can you expand on the idea of the magickal insulator? I'm stuck on the idea that covering it in plastic is preventing it from interacting with the environment outside the plastic, so in this case it would be ineffective at invoking spirits of Mercury (or at doing anything else). With the silk, you uncover it when you need it and cover it when you don't, but if it's effective in plastic it would also be effective in silk. This seems to conflict with the idea that you need to cover you talisman before the final LBRP if that's how you're closing the ritual. I'm having trouble distinguishing between the idea of plastic as an insulator (prevent interactions) and shrouding (prevent interactions/prevent energy dissipation), and the effects of each of these in different contexts.

Scott Stenwick said...

The big difference between plastic and silk is that plastic is transparent. Silk insulates against both light and physical contact, whereas plastic just insulates against physical contact. There can be applications for both.

Magical energy such as it is - quantum information or chi energy or whatever you want to consider it - can be carried by light. So I can have a tablet attributed to a planet and pull it off a shelf to use it without worrying about touching the magical portion of it. But if I use it in a ritual, the magical force it's attributed to can emanate off it without whatever link or sigil or whatever interacting with it.

Technically you probably don't have to cover the talisman during the final LBRP. The LBRP is a microcosmic ritual, so according to the model it should only disconnect you from the talisman without affecting the talisman itself. I suppose I just sometimes do it as a nod to the tradition, since it doesn't take much extra effort.