Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Ritual Night Talk for July 7th

Here's the video of last night's Ritual Night Talk, on science and magick. As I suspected and noted at the outset, it is a little less focused than some of my other talks covering specific rituals and/or magical techniques.

The relationship between science and magick is a complex discussion - some practitioners don't seem to think there's much of a connection, but the scientific method is the best tool we have for investigating the natural world. I am firmly in the camp that sees magick as natural just like every other phenomenon, but at the same time I believe things like paranormal abilities, spirits, and so forth are all part of the natural world just like cars, computers, and so forth.

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Roger Bacon said...

We need that link to your heptarchial presentation for the Austrian OTO! Maybe it's already there and I'm just missing it somehow.

Scott Stenwick said...

Here is the Facebook event link. It looks like the previous registration link I posted did not work. The registration link for the talk is at the bottom of the event description.

Roger Bacon said...

Excellent! I hope there will be a recording of the event also.

Scott Stenwick said...

Since this is a Zoom event, I am not sure that there will be a recording available. I am not that familiar with Zoom, but I understand it's more difficult to record than, for example, the livestreams that I do on Facebook.

I will be posting a transcript of the presentation here on the blog, though, whether or not OTO Austria is able to record the event. That way you can at least read over what I talked about and get the information that way if you can't make the presentation.