Wednesday, September 6, 2006

More With Letter Essences

My ritual group has been evaluating Patricia Shaffer's letter essences for the Angelic/Enochian language over the past several weeks and I've decided to post some of our results. The goal of this analysis is to see if there is any apparent difference in terms of coherent meaning between words obtained from Enochian operations and random collections of letters.

I have already posted the breakdowns from Jabberwocky in the previous thread, and they will be repeated here along with a collection of random words and a set of words obtained from one of our Enochian operations.

The basic methodology is as follows:
  1. Take two sets of words, one random and one obtained from Enochian rituals
  2. Analyze both sets using the letter essence system.
  3. Determine whether or not the actual Angelic words have more coherent meanings than the random set. This is unfortunately somewhat subjective, which is why I am including the data here.
We actually wound up using two sets of words, one of which was a set of computer-generated random collections of letters and the other some of Lewis Carroll's "nonsense" words from the poem Jabberwocky. Unlike the random words, the words from Jabberwocky are contructed with vowel and consonant placement consistent with English and to a lesser extent Angelic.