Monday, June 25, 2007

"Secret" Criticism Gaining Prominence

Criticism of "The Secret" has hit the mainstream media. There's really nothing new here that Slate hasn't covered in their series, but it appears that now the Associated Press is taking interest. AP feeds a number of major media outlets, unlike Slate which has more limited exposure.

Critics of 'The Secret' Bemoan Claims

Yes, even if you see it on a DVD, just wishing for something doesn't make it automatically happen. This is even true for trained ritual magicians, let alone folks who just watch a DVD or read a book. Positive thinking is helpful and can improve your life, but it has its limits just like everything else.

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Rob said...

For the last week I've been thinking positive and wishing for things. And I've gotten them all! I haven't actually read the secret, but my understanding is that is the entire secret. If this keeps up, I estimate me and my harem will be rolling in my billions of dollars by the end of next month :)

Rob said...

Sorry thought this was the front page I was commenting on. Odd.