Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Mixing Magick and Politics

A number of legislators in Tanzania are threatening to boycott the upcoming session of Parliament. Why? Well, it seems that one of the MP's is a magician. Not only that, but he snuck into Parliament and cast some sort of spell involving a powdery substance placed on the seats. Security swept through the building and could find nothing dangerous, so the powder was clearly something magical rather than a poison or hazardous material that would be apparent to a normal security check.

Lots of spells work this way, as you can see at just about any occult shop. Anna Riva has an entire line of magical powders and other substances that are used to cast specific spells. Those of us who are interested in experimental ritual should keep an eye on Tanzanian politics to see if anything particularly unlikely happens at the beginning of the next session. If so, maybe this magician really knew what he was doing.

Hey, does Anna Riva ship to Tanzania?

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