Monday, October 6, 2008

More Soccer Witchcraft

Apparently the world of soccer is crawling with witches. Last month a Congolese goaltender started a riot that resulted in eleven deaths and numerous injuries by attempting to cast a spell on the opposing team. Today two footballers were arrested in Dubai on charges of using witchcraft to help their athletic careers.

Two international footballers, including UAE's star striker Faisal Khalil, have been arrested here on suspicion of practising 'black magic' to influence their selection into the team, media reports said.

Khalil, who plays for Al Ahli club and Subait Khater of Al Jazira were arrested in Dubai with two Omani "sorcerers" at the end of last month as they were believed to have paid the Omanis to make spells in order to maintain their place in the national team.

"Khalil along with Subait Khater and two Omani spell casters, or magicians, have been arrested," a spokesman for Dubai CID was quoted by a newspaper on Sunday.

The article goes on to quote the Dubai Sports Council stating that they do not believe this incident is related to a wider problem of "black magic" in the footballing world, but considering the events of last month I have to wonder.

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