Thursday, April 21, 2011

Milton Keynes Fertility Chair

Any serious spiritual practitioner will confirm the assertion that magick is all around us. The realm of spirit is not cut off and separate from material existence, as in Cartesian analysis, but rather consists of a presence that infuses and spans the whole universe. We magicians know this firsthand, as we manipulate the forces that arise from this dynamic ground of creation in order to bring our desires into being. Sometimes, though, these forces can be set in motion seemingly on their own, perhaps driven by a disembodied consciousness such as a natural spirit or even manifesting spontaneously in some manner out of the structured randomness that forms our world.

As an example, consider the "fertility chair" that currently resides at a Best Western hotel in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire UK. According to employees of the hotel, the chair seems to possess the power to make women pregnant.

Couples looking to conceive should maybe look at taking a trip to a hotel in Milton Keynes, where a blue swivel chair is purportedly causing staff members to fall pregnant.

A grand total of seven workers at the Best Western Moore Place Hotel have conceived in the past two years after using the seat in reception.

Four of them - Elaine Ledster, Kim Gidley, Laura Burchill and Gina Ripley - have already given birth, all having boys.

It's not necessarily that unusual for women around the same age to become pregnant at the same time, but it sounds like if there's indeed nothing magical about the chair it is a serious statistical outlier. I'm not sure what the full staff of the hotel is, but having seven women pregnant at the same time probably represents a decent percentage of the establishment's workforce.

The chair is blue, which the article lazily connects with the babies born so far being boys, but in fact blue is also the proper color for the path of the Moon on the Tree of Life. The Moon, of all the planets, is most closely related to motherhood.

Employees have now dubbed the seat the 'fertility chair' and some are reportedly refusing to sit on it for fear of its effects.

'We first started joking that if anyone wants a baby boy then they should come and take a seat on our fertility chair, but now it's just so surreal that it's happening every time,' general manager Giles Shaw said.

Another possibility might be that it did start out as a joke, but that some staff member at the hotel had enough magical talent to empower the chair just by focusing his or her attention on it. As the blue relates back to the Moon it would be the right color for a talisman, even if no characters or other magical symbols are drawn upon it. And there are a few extreme magical talents in the world who can accomplish such things even without any formal training.

Whether this is a real magical effect or a very unlikely coincidence one thing is clear - it's a strange world out there.

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Gordon said...

It's still not worth a trip to Milton Keynes. :)

Ananael Qaa said...

I've never been to the UK myself. I take it Milton Keynes is other than a fun place to visit.