Friday, February 24, 2012

Google+ Integration

In theory I now have linked Augoeides into my Google+ profile so my posts will be distributed automatically to Google+ as well as Facebook, where they've been distributed for some time via NetworkedBlogs. Since Google+ doesn't allow aliases I believe it means that my posts and comments will now come up as Scott Stenwick rather than Ananael Qaa, but hopefully that won't cause much confusion around here since my real name is already prominently displayed on my book covers over on the right hand side of the page.

Since the main thing I use social networking for is distributing my blog posts this means that Google+ will now be a lot more useful to me than it previously has been, and hopefully it also means that I can expand my audience a bit. So for those of you who are on Google+ but not on Facebook, you should now be able to see my posts as I write them.


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Rufus Opus said...

I thought I had mine linked too, but I had to go into settings on and change a setting to make it post to the feed automagically. I still haven't seen it work, but there's a share link under each of the posts that I never noticed before. That works. Hopefully the next time I publish it will go through.

Scott Stenwick said...

I'm still playing around with it and am in about the same place. I can hit the share button and it posts, but it doesn't do it automatically.

Where did you find the setting to get it to post automatically? I'm not that familiar with the new blogger interface and haven't come across it yet.

Rufus Opus said...

let's see..., on the left with the list of links on the bottom is "Settings," then select the "Posts and Settings," link thing, and then the last option in the Posts Section, "Share to Google+?" is a Yes/No selection.

I've updated today's post a couple times since the original, and it's popped up one of those Share to Google+ windows you get when you click the +1 option, but it doesn't resolve to the point where you can click "Share," it just cycles like it's trying to load the post preview forever. I haven't tried posting a new post yet.

Scott Stenwick said...

Yeah, it hangs like that for me from the Share link in the post list. But when I just +1 it from the main page it works fine. Weird.

I'll play with it some more and let you know if I figure out how to get it working better.