Wednesday, August 28, 2013

It's Full of Stars!

Could this be the work of the Elder Gods? An Oklahoma City restaurant owner came into work last Friday to find a concrete monument weighing hundreds of pounds on the front lawn. The monument bore a metal plaque claiming the land on which the restaurant sits for Azathoth, one of the Elder Gods of H. P. Lovecraft's pantheon. Does Oklahoma City hide a secret cult of Azathoth-worshippers driven to claim land around the town for their infernal lord?

The concrete pillar is rough in texture and appears to have been ripped from its foundation and somehow ended up in the front lawn. “We came into work Friday morning, and we had this lovely concrete block out here,” Paseo Grill owner Lesley Rawlinson said.

The wording on the block is even more bizarre than its arrival. “It says ‘In the year of our lord 2012 Creer Pipi claimed this land for Azathoth,” Rawlinson said. “It’s kind of a problem that we’re stuck with, a very heavy problem.”

Rawlinson says she has contacted the Oklahoma City Police Department. The monument has not been reported stolen, and police say, unfortunately, the owners of the Paseo Grill are responsible for getting rid of it. “What do we do with it and where do we take it?” Rawlinson said.

Far more likely than any sort of Lovecraft cult is a clever prankster with enough of a grudge against the restaurant to target it for some reason. It's likely that they knew the restaurant would be responsible for removing the heavy pillar and wanted to cause them trouble. As the pillar looks to have been pulled from its foundation and may have been stolen, the restaurant is seeking the real owners. With something this distinctive you'd think that wouldn't be too hard.

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Bruce Kroeze said...

I'd totally make the effort to get that monument for my yard if I lived anywhere nearby.

Scott Stenwick said...

I'll bet they could sell it on eBay. Just insist that whoever buys it has to come and pick it up.

My guess is that somebody would and they'd make some money on the deal, because there are Lovecraft fans everywhere and this monument is pretty unique.

Nerd said...

Publicity stunt.

I totally want one of those.

Freeman Presson said...

I would just re-brand my restaurant as "The Earthly Abode of Azathoth" and make sure there was squid on the menu.

Scott Stenwick said...

It could be marketed as the restaurant that eats you.