Thursday, March 12, 2015

NPR Seeks Possessed Dolls

Or, at least, stories about them. NPR has recently issued a request for stories about dolls that are thought to be haunted or possessed. They apparently plan on selecting some of the submitted stories for on-air interviews in an upcoming segment. The linked page has a form where you can submit your story and see if anything comes of it.

“Haunted” or “possessed” dolls are sold – sometimes for thousands of dollars – on Etsy and eBay. We want to know your experiences: Have you ever thought the doll in your attic was possessed? Ever wanted to buy one? If you've got a story for us, fill out the form below and someone from NPR’s Weekend Edition may contact you for an on-air interview.

I've seen a lot of these items come up for sale over the years and I have to admit I have trouble seeing why anyone would buy one. It's not just that as a magician I know how to bind spirits into objects. Even if I couldn't do that, the idea of bringing some sort of sinister spiritual presence into my home seems unwise, or at the very least pointless. That's especially true when it comes to paying thousands of dollars to do it.

Reading about haunted dolls reminds me of the old Disturbing Auctions website, which is where I found the image that accompanies this post. It hasn't been updated in awhile, but it has a whole section dedicated to "terrifying dolls." I don't think any of them were specifically advertised as possessed back when they were being auctioned off, but some of them sure look like they might be. And many of the write-ups are hilarious.

So do any of you, my readers, have such a story? If you do decide to submit one, feel free to share your account here as well.

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