Tuesday, September 22, 2015

No Book Deal for Kim Davis

Recently a number of news sources reported that Kentucky clerk Kim Davis signed a big book deal with a Christian publisher, telling her story of standing up to "the gays" by refusing to follow the law and do her job. But fortunately for those of us who believe that nobody should be rewarded for basically just being an asshole, the story is completely false. It was published by National Report, a satirical news site. But many media outlets took it seriously.

Kim’s tale of standing firm against “the forces of sodomy” and “going to jail because I’m a Christian” is expected to sell big this holiday season and advance orders from Walmart and Sam’s Club are already flooding in.

It will be interesting to see if Davis will take time off from her clerk duties to do a full-on book tour or if that will even be possible. It’s still very much a possibility that Davis could return to jail for violating her condition of release set by Federal Court Judge David Bunning.

I’m a Survivor is a deeply personal journey through one woman’s stand for religious liberty. Ms. Davis opens up about her checkered past, becoming a Christian, and giving herself to The Lord. Presidential contender Mike Huckabee penned the forward of the book and is expected to join Davis in its promotion.

The book’s title -I’m a Survivor- is raising eyebrows by some who believe it’s a dig at the classic rock band Survivor who are currently suing Davis and Huckabee for “unauthorized public performance” of their 1982 smash hit Eye of the Tiger, which Huckabee had no permission to play during his support rally for Davis.

I'm kind of amazed that anybody was taken in, given that some of the other stories on National Report include such gems as "Trump’s Hair Seized by FBI, Thought to be Mane of Cecil the Lion" and "Nestle’s New 'Air Plant' to Start Charging California Residents For Oxygen." But I suppose in the fast-paced world of viral news, nobody bothers to check stories that seem even vaguely plausible.

There's actually an easy way to prevent people like Davis from cashing in. GoFundMe has already instituted new guidelines to prevent raising money for people who have broken the law, and there have been statutes on the books for a long time that prevent criminals from capitalizing on their crimes. Davis' refusal to obey a judge's order was clearly found to be illegal, so that statute should apply as written.

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