Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Gemini Elixir Rite for 2020

This is Part One of the Rite, through tuning the space.

This is Part Two of the Rite, from the conjuration to the end.

These two videos are the full Gemini Elixir Rite from last night. We had a technical issue partway through and I had to restart the livestream, which is why there are two of them. I suppose it's appropriate that for Gemini there would be two videos instead of one. It could also have something related to doing this ritual on a void-of-course Moon, as I discuss in the video. To see the full ritual, watch them in the order that they appear above.

Regarding the void-of-course Moon, those comments are specific to the livestream I was putting on. If you want to watch the video and follow along for yourself, check the astrology and see whether the Moon is void-of-course or what the final aspect is for the time you will by watching. Those are the astrological conditions that will be in effect, rather than the ones at the moment the ritual was recorded.

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