Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Macroscopic Quantum Effects

Here's another new quantum physics experiment that is highly relevant to magick, and especially my quantum information model of magick. According to this article from The Independent, physicists have worked out a way to scale tiny quantum fluctuations up to measurable effects on the macroscopic world. The mathematics of quantum mechanics predicts that this should be possible, but up until now it had never been observed experimentally.

Scientists have seen "spooky" quantum behaviour happening to objects at the human scale, according to a new paper. Researchers have seen quantum fluctuations "kick" large objects such as mirrors, moving them by a tiny degree but one big enough to measure. Such behaviour has previously been predicted by quantum physicists. But it has never before been measured.

The movements are the result of the way the universe is structured, when seen at the level of quantum mechanics: researchers describe it as a "noisy" space, where particles are constantly switching in and out of existence, which creates a low-level fuzz at all times.

Normally, that background of quantum "noise" is too subtle to detect in objects that are visible at the human-scale. But the new research shows that scientists have finally detected those movements, using new technology to watch for those fluctuations.

Researchers at the MIT LIGO Laboratory saw that the those fluctuations could move an object as big as a 40-kilogram mirror. The movement pushed the large mirrors a tiny amount, as predicted theoretically, allowing it to be measured by scientists.

The researchers were able to use special equipment called a quantum squeezer that allowed them to "manipulate" the noise so that it could be better observed.

According to the quantum information model of magick, manipulating these sorts of fluctuation is how magick goes about affecting the physical world. So in a sense, you could say that these effects were produced by a technology that imitates one aspect of magical manifestation. We practitioners just do it with consciousness rather than machines - and I would expect at least a few radionics practitioners to point out that machines and consciousness can work together if you have the right kind of machine.

This is an interesting finding because it demonstrates one more piece in the puzzle of working out the mechanism behind operant - that is, practical - magick. Back in May, I posted about a new record for quantum entanglement that demonstrated trillions of atoms can become entangled and essentially act as a large-scale quantum structure. For the quantum information model of magick to be correct, that sort of entanglement had to be possible.

Likewise, for the quantum information model to be correct, quantum fluctuations had to scale up to the macroscopic world instead of becoming lost in the "noise" of the microscopic world. And now we see that they can do exactly that. The observed "pushes" on the physical world are tiny so far, but combining this observation with (A) large-scale entanglement and (B) multiple "pushes" spanning the duration of a given magical operation, we are getting a lot closer.

As expected, really. Science isn't an ideology, or at least it shouldn't be. It's a tool that lets us learn about the world and explore its phenomena in an efficient and effective manner. Anybody who is talented enough and works at it long enough realizes that magick works. The challenge for science is to figure out how that happens and how all the pieces fit together.

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Roger Bacon said...

So is your view that spirits are completely material, just currently undetectable is their non-localized state?

Scott Stenwick said...

I would ask what you mean when you say completely material.

I believe that spirits, just like consciousness, exist as complex structures within quantum information. If you consider quantum information "material," then I suppose my answer would be yes. On the other hand, I would say that the kind of quantum information that makes up the consciousness of a spirit is linked to the wave aspect of energy particles like photons rather than atoms that are more properly considered "matter." So I don't believe they have mass, for example, or are necessarily localized in their native states.

Roger Bacon said...

Thanks for the reply. Do you see human consciousness as having a similar link to the wave aspect of energy particles, or would it have different qualities?

Scott Stenwick said...

The short answer is yes.

The more complex answer is that I think it is a structure within the quantum information associated with probability wave aspects of all particles, both matter and energy, that is held together by something akin to quantum entanglement - if that makes sense. Casting a spell on something basically involves shifting the information of the wavefunction without collapsing it. Or without measuring it, if you are coming from the Debroglie-Bohm perspective rather that the strict Copenhagen interpretation.