Friday, October 16, 2020

Her Fiance Ghosted Her

Back in 2018 I covered the story of Amethyst Realm, a British woman who claimed to be engaged to a ghost. But recently things changed, and the engagement is now off. Realm - who has the exact sort of name you would expect of someone who would get engaged to a ghost in the first place - explained that her ghostly fiance kept disappearing on her and went out partying. How ghosts party is anybody's guess, but as I keep saying spirits are basically just like people so there must be some spiritual equivalent.

A British woman who claims she got “engaged” to a ghost has now called off the wedding because he “kept disappearing” and started “partying” too much.

“We’ve called the wedding off,” Amethyst Realm, 32, said on UK TV show “This Morning.” “He just completely changed.”

Realm said she fell in love with a “sexy” spirit named Ray during a trip to Australia in 2018 — and even consummated the relationship on the flight back home.

The paranormal Casanova later popped the question on their nine-month anniversary, and things were going well until a recent vacation to Thailand, she said.

“I think maybe he fell in with a bad crowd when we were on holiday. He just started becoming really inconsiderate,” Realm said in the out-of-this-world interview.

Now I will say that I find it annoying when skeptics accuse anybody reporting paranormal experiences as fakers who are trying to get on television or whatever. But it is maybe a little too convenient that she got herself in the news announcing she was engaged to a ghost and then got on television announcing that the engagement ended. She also accused her fiance of "doing drugs," which I'm not going to accept as a thing ghosts do without evidence or at least a coherent explanation of how that's supposed to work.

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