Thursday, July 14, 2022

Not That Kind of Bomb

Wyoming Representative Liz Cheney is one of the few Republicans in congress willing to stand up to Donald Trump. While I disagree with her on almost every issue, I will say that I respect her for doing what so many others in her party refused to do, both in standing up to the former president and serving on the commission investigating the events of January 6th. For anybody who doesn't know, Liz Cheney is the daughter of former Vice-President Dick Cheney who served under George W. Bush.

Another fact I know with great confidence is that she's not a witch.

Apparently, though, a fan of Cheney described as "crazy" by Wyoming law enforcement thinks she should be. A suspicious package recently arrived at Cheney's office, and her staff feared the worst. The bomb squad was called in to check the package for explosives and found nothing. When the package was opened, it contained a book on witchcraft and another book on "absolute power" along with a newspaper article and two weird handwritten notes.

Cheney’s Riverton employee on June 30 received a package addressed to Cheney, according to a report by the Riverton Police Department. The employee, whose name is redacted from the report, originally thought nothing of the package, until she noticed a strange message scrawled on its outside.

“Pelosi/Cheney 2024 ‘To win a sword fight you must not care if you live or die’ Lancelot-First Knight Movie released 1995,” read one of the cryptic, hand-written messages on the package. “A Special 4th of July Surprise. Pitcher Get Ready, Batter up. Not Guts No Glory AOC Knows!” the writing also said. Cheney’s employee brought the package, which had been in the back of her car, to the police department. Adjacent businesses were evacuated. RPD redacted the sender’s name from the police report but included a harsh assessment of him from Montana law enforcement.

“(Law enforcement) advised that (redacted) was ‘crazy’ and had a history of sending threatening mail and making threatening calls,” the report said. None of the man’s threats had ever come to fruition, however, according to Montana police quoted in the report. Still, concerned by the writing on the outside of the package, authorities called a bomb squad to the scene, as well as a bomb dog who did not appear to detect explosives.

A Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation agent removed the package from the car and placed it on the blacktop parking lot in front of the station. DCI agents opened the package and found inside two books, a newspaper article and several handwritten letters. The books were “The Good Kings: Absolute Power in Ancient Egypt and the Modern World” by Dara Cooney, and “A Deed Without a Name: Unearthing the Legacy of Traditional Witchcraft” by Lee Morgan. The newspaper was the June 17 edition of the Miles City Star, a Montana newspaper.

Obviously this person is "crazy" if they think Cheney would ever have any interest in magick or witchcraft. She's a Christian and a staunch conservative, her opposition to Trump not withstanding. In fact, it generally is the case that despite bizarre conspiracy theories that will not die, political and financial elites hardly ever have anything to do with magick. To wield political and temporal power at that level requires a single-minded focus on politics and/or finance, which leaves little space for the kind of spiritual development that makes a person an effective magician or witch.

You can't blame this person for trying, though, and since sending books to politicians is not illegal, they hopefully won't be charged with anything. But as a point, Cheney and Pelosi would never run on the same ticket, period. Cheney is very conservative and her opposition to Trump doesn't change that. That won't change no matter how much witchcraft gets sent her way.

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