Thursday, May 29, 2008

Mass Arrests in Kenyan "Witchcraft" Killings

Last week I commented that I was glad to see the recent lynching of supposed "witches" in Kenya being taken seriously, and that arrests had been made in the case. There are many countries around the world in which such killings are tolerated, or even tacitly condoned. Kenya is apparently not one of those countries, however, because the authorities there have made more arrests - of 120 people believed to have been involved in the killings.

From the article:

"The operation is very successful and will go on until all the suspects are arrested. They are being interrogated before they are taken to court to face a series of charges," Nyanza province police chief Antony Kibuchi said.

Many of them will face murder charges, which carries a mandatory death sentence, he added.

Let's hope this makes anyone who is contemplating burning their neighbors for witchcraft think twice. Also, let's hope that the consequences for being caught up in this sort of deadly hysteria are clear to everyone, at least in Kenya.

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