Friday, May 23, 2008

Thwarting the Octopus Spell

Professional sporting events are usually decided by such small differences in play between the two teams that sports magick could potentially be very effective. Like most people, most professional athletes have no magical training but that often doesn't stop them from crafting elaborate pre-game rituals designed to bring them good luck.

Fans aren't immune, either. One of the weirder good luck rituals in professional sports is performed by Detroit Red Wings fans, who throw octopi onto the ice during the team's hockey matches. Does it work? Well, I can't say without conducting some experimental trials, but the fans have been doing it since 1952 and the team is currently pretty successful.

The Red Wings have made the playoffs in 23 of the last 25 seasons, including the last 17 in a row (including the current season). This is the longest current streak of post-season appearances in all of American professional sports. (Wikipedia)

This year is no exception and the Red Wings are playing the Pittsburgh Penguins in the Stanley Cup Finals. The owner of a Pittsburgh fish market is taking no chances and enganging in his own brand of magical warfare - he will sell no octopi to anyone who looks like they might be a Red Wings fan. Without dark octopus magick at their disposal perhaps the Red Wings will be less formidable opponents.

A clever magician who favored Detroit could probably improvise - but would an "astral octopus" really suffice?

UPDATE: I guess so. Last night Detroit's dark octopus magick proved victorious as they defeated the Penguins in Pittsburgh to win the Stanley Cup. So far no reports of cephalopod-related incidents during the series have been forthcoming.

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