Monday, September 15, 2008

Real Ritual Abuse

Most people now realize that the "ritual abuse" scare of the early 1990's was a bunch of nonsense. The vast Satanic conspiracy implicated by the therapists who relied on hypnosis to falsify memories was too large, complex, and powerful to ever exist in secret, and furthermore there have never been anywhere close to enough Satanists in the world to pull it off. Not only that, but actual Satanists are opposed to any sort of child abuse.

So that means the only "witches" and "Satanists" who are left to abuse kids are deranged followers of the practices outlined in the Malleus Maleficarum - you know, all three of them - and a handful of predators who use the belief in ritual practices to keep their victims in line. Like this guy. Assuming that the allegations are true, this is someone who should be showered with enough curses to kill a small elephant.

Joseph Gerald Hermary, 42 - a previously convicted child pornographer - was arrested several weeks ago in British Columbia on a Canada-wide warrant.

He is facing several charges stemming from incidents in late 2006, including two counts of sexual assault and breaching court orders.


Hermary is alleged to have told the boys he had special powers related to witchcraft and invited them to join a club he was starting, sources said.

It was during these meetings - which included bizarre ritualistic ceremonies - that the sexual abuse allegedly occurred.

When predators exploit magick and witchcraft to help them commit their crimes they hurt every magical practitioner out there. The last thing the magical arts need is to be associated with exploitation and abuse. Our enemies tried that once, and every case like this gives them more ammunition to try again.

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Martin Woodside said...

Hermary ran the restaurant at a Portage la Prairie hotel around 2011-2012 .... got caught again , something to do with kids , back in jail according to former co-workers.