Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Paranormal Research Update

As of yesterday the EMF detector is ordered and on its way. Amidst all the other stuff that I'm working on in my seemingly non-existent free time I'm looking forward to getting the device set up so I can test my evocations for electromagmetic field variations. My plan is to try out a series of different evocation methods and see which ones, if any, result in spirits that are capable of spiking the electromagnetic field inside the triangle and/or Sigillum Dei Aemeth. It opens up a lot of possibilities for research and hopefully I can inspire others to try it out themselves - the larger the sample size, the more accurate the research. Out of curiosity, I wrote about using an EMF detector in conjunction with magical rituals last month and a few folks seemed interested. Has anybody tried it out yet?

Also, last weekend was Pagan Pride here in the Twin Cities. My wife had a table there selling books and she wound up speaking with someone from a local paranormal research group. She was relaying some of my ideas about using magick in conjunction with paranormal investigation methods and it sounds like the group might be interested in trying some of it out. I'll keep you all posted and let you know if anything pans out, and if so what the results turn out to be. I have a number of ideas that I would like to test out, ranging from evaluating the effectiveness of clearing out haunted places using banishing rituals to facilitating spirit manifestations using ceremonial evocation techniques.

If the banishing rituals in particular work the way that I hope they will, it will give paranormal investigators one more tool to help homeowners who just want to get rid of hauntings. It's something of a given in the paranormal field that blessing a house doesn't work very well, and even if it does work the effects are temporary. On the other hand, I have a magician friend who claims to have cleared out a haunted house using ceremonial methods and apparently the ghost went away and never came back after one ritual. I'm planning on doing more rigorous testing because I know that data is not the plural of anecdote, but if the story is generally accurate it at least sounds like a promising area for further investigation.

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Susanne Iles said...

I'm very interested in learning more about your results. Thank you for taking the time to share them. I've had some limited success with a digital camera (orbs in various local 'hot spots'), and am now looking into using it in a time lapse mode to see if it would work better that way.

Looking forward to learning more!

Anonymous said...

Might I suggest using infra red scanners/cameras as well? It would seem to be easier to control for and better resolution as well.

Unknown said...

It occurs to me that Reich also used the geiger counter to measure orgone fields. However, the vacuum tubes had to first be charged in highly concentrated orgone accumulators. Dunno if geiger counters even use vacuum tubes today! Be interesting to look into, though.
Do you have a copy of THE ORANUR EXPERIMENT? I can run one off for you.

Unknown said...

Not sure what type of EMF detector you got, but this one doesn't look to expensive, AND it detects "static" electricity fields, even if they are extremely weak.
This might be a pretty decent "orgone field meter," from that standpoint. Here is a page on using it as a "Ghost Detector:"

Scott Stenwick said...

Might I suggest using infra red scanners/cameras as well?

If I seem to getting reliable results with the EMF experiments I'll consider picking up an IR camera. They are rather expensive, so before I go and invest that kind of money in equipment I want to see how promising this line of research looks. It would be awesomely cool to get IR video showing the outline of a spirit materializing.

It occurs to me that Reich also used the geiger counter to measure orgone fields.

My understanding is that modern EMF detectors are based on similar technology. I do have an orgone generator, so I'll have to see if charging up the probe has much of an effect on the readings that I get.

The EMF detector that I ordered is the CellSensor model that I linked to in the "Research Idea" post. What I like about is that it has an external probe that I can place inside the triangle or Sigillum. It's a little awkward for ghost hunting but perfect for what I'm looking to do. Some of the other available meters are probably better detectors, but it strikes me as rather cumbersome to have to rely on a handheld device when doing ritual work.

I don't currently have a copy of "The Oranur Experiment" and if you could run one off for me that would be great. I do have "The Orgone Accumulator Handbook" but that's about it aside from the various sources that are available online.

ChandraNova said...

"...one more tool to help homeowners who just want to get rid of hauntings. It's something of a given in the paranormal field that blessing a house doesn't work very well, and even if it does work the effects are temporary."

Why not call a shamanic person trained in psychopomp work? I do that a lot, it's something you get a calling for (usually stuff in childhood) and it DOES work, because you heal the soul that's "stuck" and you also heal the energies where they've imprinted.

You've likely noticed that bodies of water tend to attract spiritual presences, good and bad? And/or there are often wells and so on at "haunted" properties?

Masuru Emoto showed how intentions, emotions and words could physically change water's structure, and I studied with Sandra Ingermen on that as well, basically your poor unhappy spirit imprints water (and other materials) and then you have like an empty nest, so some healer or whatever comes along and maybe moves them on, but another lost soul will just come along and take up residence, and even adopt the same behaviours.

I could talk about this 'til the cows come home, but meanwhile, no "hauntings" aren't hard to shift, the practitioner onsite just needs to remember they're dealing with a person* who has probably been very afraid and lonely, and angry, for a very long time, and has created a habitat accordingly that will almost inevitably need healing itself.

Could type more, but I might be sound a bit know-it-all, which I'm not, but yeah it's a core part of my own practice, and fwiw that includes working with my immediate family very recently after bereavement.

*Some "hauntings" are of course not due to a deceased human, and yet similar remedies apply for the mkost part - pack 'em off to where they belong, then tidy up the neighbourhood.

wb said...

I've tried EMF detectors with magick and have found no real fluctuation in it before, during or after.

I also don't get much in the way of EVP (when i did try that as well.)

My thoughts were that evp and emf pick up more terrestial based things... Magick is typically utilizing Divine names and reaching up towards Assiah... Briah, etc. I figure that this is not measurable and thus has no effect.

So called 'ghost hunting' would be more lower astral / terrestrial manifestations and thus not be so picked up.

or so goes my theory. if you do get results i'll be interested to see what comes out of it.