Tuesday, November 30, 2010

EMF Trial Update #3

The holidays have been busy this year so I haven't posted anything in the last two weeks, but our EMF research is slowly continuing.

Over the last month and a half my ritual working group has done two more evocations in which we attempted to detect the presence of an evoked spirit with the EMF detector. Using the .4 threshold for detection the results have been one success and one failure, and in addition some patterns seem to be emerging from this work that provide insights into how EMF works in the context of an evocation.

As I mentioned in the update to the previous EMF article, I am now using a unique sequential numbering system for these trials, so that I can refer back to them more efficiently when I finally compile the results into something resembling a scientific study. I also will be numbering these update articles going forward for easy reference to the specific postings.

Trial 4

This trial was performed by five magicians, all experienced. Baseline EMF was .18 and peak EMF rose to .4, setting off the detector and making this trial a success. The EMF spiked to .4 twice during this trial, once as the operant field opened and again in the presence of the evoked spirit.

Trial 5

This trial was performed by 6 magicians, the same five as Trial 4 plus a visitor who is experienced with magical practice but less familiar with the ceremonial style of ritual that our group performs. Baseline EMF was .08 and peak EMF rose to .25, making this trial a failure in reference to the .4 threshold. This was the first trial in which a tangible cold spot seemed to appear over the altar without the EMF rising above the .4 mark.


One of the things that I have noticed with these trials is both times that the .4 threshold was not reached the baseline EMF for the temple was particularly low. Also, the EMF did increase during the conjuration for those trials as well, just not enough to reach the threshold. So at this point it seems to me that the most reasonable hypothesis is that the presence of the spirit adds a little more than .2 to the overall EMF present.

With Trial 5, a tangible cold spot was felt over the altar even though the EMF only rose to the .25 level. This seems to contradict my earlier hypothesis that the cold spots correlate to EMF around or above the .4 threshold, and suggests that these phenomena may be more independent from each othat than I previously thought. This would be where using some sort of a thermometer would probably be appropriate to see if the degree shift is relatively predictable in its own right.

One of the members of my magical working group is putting together a form for logging magical journal entries in a more standard form for easier comparison between operators. On the basis of these and the previous trials I will be suggesting that Baseline EMF and Peak EMF should be logged whenever possible, so that over time we can see physical measurements of what is going on. Once we've logged a large enough sample of EMF trials the next step will be to do probability testing on a series of practical rituals and see if the probability shift corresponds in any way to the EMF level.

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Anonymous said...

Well if you can prove an EMF increase you might be able to figure out why my iPod has issues during evocations :) Every time I've left it in my pocket and had a successful evocation it's frozen up and needed to be reset (this has happened about ten times inside of evocations with two different iPods, and I've only had it happen like twice outside of evocations).

I've been using my own method and it tends to do some really weird stuff to time, some of it I can even objectively prove with synchronized clocks. One of these days I'm going to have to pick up an EMF meter because now I'm kind of interested in what it might be doing to the EMFs.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that you get a reading of 4 or above everytime you perform the ritual alongside other experienced magicians.

Guess the fact that one member of the group has not reach a certain level affects the presence of the entity. Maybe they didn't manage to mold their mind in such a way to eliminate the clots that block their abilities.

From what I've heard, children are more susceptible to psychic experiences to a certain age, because their minds aren't yet set a certain way by the constant programming that receive from the outside world. They still believe in fairy tales so to say, and that could be why they mind attracts entities more.

Have you followed up with these experiments? If so, what else have they produced?

Scott Stenwick said...

That does seem to be the case. I have some ideas as to why, but it requires more testing.

I don't think I believe the old adage about children being more psychic. Their minds just aren't as developed, so they have an easier time getting their imagination confused with reality. Not every imaginary friend is a macrocosmic entity. I'm pretty sure most of them aren't. I'm also convinced that belief is only relevant to magick from the standpoint that doubt gets in your way. But that's a whole other conversation.

So far I haven't followed up on these because we haven't done a long series of similar rituals in awhile with my working group. For the results to be meaningful at all, we need to be following the same ritual forms week after week because otherwise it's hard to say how variations in the techniques might be affecting results. Once I have my Emotiv Insight up and running properly, though, I may explore this again.

I would love to be able to show that, say, a particular EMF result corresponds to particular brainwave pattern. Even if it doesn't, it would still be useful to know that the two aren't related.

Anonymous said...

I have to reformulate what I've said about children. I wrote it in a hurry and it came out wrong. I wanted to say that children are, or more often feel entities around them more often, not necessarily attract them. From what I know, a child's brain starts working mostly in Theta at birth, while being awake. It starts going through Delta and Alpha till around the age of 7, when Beta starts to kick in more and more.

I don't recall the exact values, but let's say that from 0 to 1 years their brain is working on 50% Theta, 30% Delta and 20% Alpha. From 1 to 5, 30% Theta, 50% Delta and 20% Alpha. And from 5 to 7 10% Theta, 30% Delta, 50% Alpha and 10% Beta. Cats brain's work in Alpha and they sense all kinds of energies.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to future results :)