Monday, October 24, 2011

Still Here!

So, seriously, did anybody really think the world was going to end?

Now I'll ask the question - isn't it time the Christians of the world gave up on Dispensationalism? William Miller has been dead for more that 150 years, and false apocalyptic prophets like Harold Camping have been gnawing on the bones of his failed hypothesis ever since. It's just not happening, folks. Miller was wrong. I will grant that the Thelemic interpretation of the apocalypse differs radically from that espoused by Camping and his ilk, but at least for us it actually happened.

Since nobody outside the magical blogosphere pays much attention to what I write here, though, I'll make a prediction that I know will come true - we'll be going through all this again in 2012, and that apocalypse will fail as well. You can quote me on it and everything!

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