Thursday, July 19, 2012

More British UFO Files Released

UFO enthusiasts have always contended that governments around the world have evidence of alien activity but are keeping it secret from the general population. The United Kingdom, though, started declassifying documents from its own UFO investigations back in 2008. These investigations started in 1950 and ran until 2009. Another set of these documents was released last week, revealing among other things that the British government did not believe UFOs were alien spacecraft but rather "atmospheric plasmas" that the Ministry of Defense hoped to weaponize. The documents also show that the highest levels of the government had knowledge of UFO investigations.

When the U.K. released declassified UFO documents a few days ago, the 25 files of nearly 7,000 pages included how:

• Prime Minister Tony Blair had been briefed on UFO sightings in 1998.

• The Ministry of Defense was concerned about military jets crashing after reported encounters with UFOs.

• U.K. Defense Intelligence wanted to create weapons out of little known atmospheric plasmas.

"Back then, in 1998, if you had said to me that by 2012, the Ministry of Defense will have disclosed virtually everything they have on this subject, I would have found that difficult to believe. And yet, here we are. They have," said David Clarke, the U.K. National Archives consultant and journalism lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University.

The best thing about all of this declassified UFO information is that the British government has made it available for downloading online. Here's the link. If there's a smoking gun anywhere in there, I have no doubts that somebody on the Internet will find it. So far it looks as if this latest collection doesn't contain any hard evidence of alien life, captured saucers, or abductions, but then again, it's only been up for a few days at this point.

Happy hunting!

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