Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Oregon Bigfoot Spooks Residents?

The Pacific Northwest is known to be the traditional home of the Sasquatch. Recently strange noises coming from the forest have spooked residents living on an Oregon Indian reservation in the Blue Mountains. Some have suggested that the unusual sounds that do not seem to be those of other local animals may be made by the mysterious creature.

Apparently the bizarre sounds are coming from north of the Wildhorse Resort and Casino near an old community center. The sounds started last month, and many people believe that the Bigfoot in Oregon is actually a youngster that was separated form its mother.

Of course as with most reports of Sasquatch there are plenty of people who do not believe it. The chances are, this could be the sounds of some other type of animal, or it could be a hoax. There have been enough people searching for Bigfoot over the past decades that if this creature exists it should have been found by now.

Oregon is no stranger to Bigfoot sightings. The embedded video records a sighting near Bend in the Christmas Valley. The video looks genuine, in that it really seems to me that people filming it were recording what they saw rather than acting. However, the outline of the supposed Bigfoot gives it away - this is most likely a person in a costume hoaxing the folks making the video. Pause the video on the still of the creature and note how short the arms look. One of the hardest things to fake with a costume is arms with ape-like rather than human-like proportions. A person in a gorilla suit looks almost exactly like the figure that appears in the video, as real apes have much longer arms relative to their height.

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jrptwin2 said...

Wish you could have gotten more of his upper body....funny how you always just got enough of its waste and legs before it turned the next tree....does not seem authentic...just saying...but i hope it is real.

Scott Stenwick said...

The video looks spontaneous enough to me that the videographers might not have been in on it. Frankly, that's how I'd do it if I wanted to hoax a Bigfoot sighting - I'd find somebody really big, put together a suit for them, and then have them wander around someplace where tourists do a lot of filming and hope somebody with a video camera spots them.

Still, given the proportions of the "Bigfoot" I'm pretty sure this a guy in a suit that they're filming. It doesn't even look like the hoaxer bothered to address the arm length issue, so this could just be a stock gorilla suit or something equally prosaic. If I were making the suit I'd be a lot more careful about that, because it's a dead giveaway.