Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Fake Illuminati Meets Real Super Bowl

Following Sunday's Super Bowl the conspiracy theorists were out in force, claiming that during her halftime performance Beyonce Knowles made the "Illuminati sign" which is apparently given by forming a vaguely triangular diamond shape with the thumbs and forefingers. I suppose this is supposed to resemble the eye in the triangle logo associated with the shadowy cabal, though it really kind of doesn't. Naturally, this is a gesture that in all my years of studying esotericism I have never once seen linked to the Illuminati, even in fiction. I say naturally because really, like the supposed modern Illuminati themselves, this is a complete pile of nonsense. It doesn't matter that this "sign" previously had nothing to do with the Illuminati myth; it's a gesture that a celebrity made, so of course it must be suspect. One wonders how frantic true believers in the Illuminati conspiracy must be just going about their daily lives, given that celebrities make gestures all the time - you know, just like everybody else.

During Beyonce’s performance, she unmistakably made the triangular sign of the Illuminati which set conspiracy theorists’ tongues wagging and their online keyboard fingers keying. There are those who believe the sign was flashed on purpose by the famed singer while believing that she knows all about the suggestion of the sign.Then again, there are others who simply think Beyonce was sending a secret message to her entrepreneur-entertainer husband Jay-Z who uses a somewhat triangular-shaped diamond as his logo for his Roc-A-Fella Records endeavor.

For the record, the Illuminati sign has deep history in the world. The word – the plural form of the Latin word illuminates which means enlightened – is a label given to a number of real and fictional groups and organizations. The term originally goes back to May 1, 1776, when it was used to refer to the Bavarian Illuminati’s secret society. In current times, the term Illuminati is related to a conspiracy organization allegedly designed to mastermind events and control world affairs through governments and corporations establishing a New World Order.

Except, as I said above, this particular gesture does not have any real history with the Illuminati. Perhaps the article is referring to the eye in the triangle itself, which was apparently part of an Illuminati emblem back in the eighteenth century when the group still existed, but the writing is sloppy. It implies that the Illuminati used this particular gesture, when in fact as far as we know they did not. It seems to me more logical that she was simply making the emblem of her husband's recording company, but it also could be an attempt to cash in on the fake Illuminati buzz by doing something just inexplicable enough to allow her performance to go viral.

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Anonymous said...

Didn't the OTO teach you the secret Diamond sign/seal/symbol of the Illuminati when they were giving you lessons on how to rule the world by propagating the Book of the Law in bringing about the Aeon of Horus (the NWO)? Ofcourse she was giving the right sign/seal/symbol which is different than the eye in the triangle sign/seal/symbol. We all know that the Illuminati and the Masons are in bed together ;) Diamond as in Masonic Square and Compass conjoined? Or other deep symbolism:

"In Freemasonry, the diamond in the rough represents the new apprentice who must begin carving away at his imperfections and get to the diamond at the center."
-Raoul Denis Bondi

:p <<>>

-Aghor Pir

Scott Stenwick said...

If the NWO as elaborated upon by conspiracy theorists and the Aeon of Horus have anything to do with one another in real life that's news to me. The difference between the Law of Liberty and herding the entire population of the United States into FEMA concentration camps is pretty stark.

The sign could possibly represent the square and compass - at least it looks something like that particular emblem. I don't think Beyonce Knowles is a Mason, though. My wife is a member of American Co-Masonry (one of the only Masonic groups in the US that admits women) and if there were any major celebrity members I'm pretty sure she would know about them.

As for the rest, I can neither confirm nor deny the use of any particular sign in OTO. ;-)

Unknown said...

Just thought she was advertising for DELTA faucets....

Scott Stenwick said...

@Robert: There you go! I wonder how much they paid for that endorsement...

PhoenixAngel said...

Haven't you seen the other photos? She looks like Conan the Barbarian (or maybe someone did a photoshop?) Beyonce the Barbarian. She was actually honoring the magickal archetype of the warrior, IMHO... LOL

Scott Stenwick said...

It's hard not to have seen them given the publicity on the Internet, even though I couldn't care less about Beyonce Knowles or the Super Bowl or any of that nonsense. I don't personally think there's any real significance to the photos, other than that it's easy to find unflattering pictures of anyone if you have a live video feed that you can scroll through frame by frame - and also that whining about this fact is very likely to backfire on you.